Signification Of Planets & Houses

Indian Astrology

In the previous lesson I have explained that there are three things which  basic astrology takes into account-
1. Planets at your birth.
2. The houses where planets are posited.
3. The Rashis/ Zodiac signs in which planets are posited.
The planets have their own characteristic . The 12 houses are given some significations and jobs. 12 rashis or Zodiac signs also have their own characteristic. When we predict we take into account all these things. When a planets sits in a certain rashi /zodiac sign it takes the characteristic of that rashi and fulfils the promise related to the house it sits in .
Planets symbolize unique kind of energy which is used by us on earth like sun’s SOLAR energy. Same way they also symbolize different components of our life. Let’s see what are these.
Properties and significations of planets-

1. Sun – Sun represents your soul …

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