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Rare Black Moon=Major Energy Shift 9/30/16

Some would argue two New Moons, or two Full Moons, in the same astrological sign rather than calendar month. But, then, that is complicated by the Tropical v. Sidereal debate (not to mention claims of a “13th sign”).

Daily Muse

rare-black-moonThis is such a good and right on article I wanted to share directly from Sun-Gazing.Com

“A special and rare lunar event will be taking place this weekend and right along with it a major shift will also be occurring. On Friday night, September 30th, a new moon will rise in the sky, the second one to fall in September as the last one occurred back on the first of the month. Whenever this happens, two new moons within one single month, the second one is called a Black Moon.

Lunar events like Black Moons are quite rare. In fact, saying that they happen “once in a blue moon” wouldn’t be wrong! They are very similar to Blue Moons, which is when two full moons occur within one month, and so they are polar opposites in terms of moon phases. Furthermore, both Black and Blue Moons occur about once every…

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Mars enters Capricorn, Corporate Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Mars, the red planet of guys, Testosterone, the warrior planet/God, undisputed macho ruler, enters the Capricorn boardroom September 27-until-wait for it-NOVEMBER 8th Election Day in the U.S. at least he enters AQUARIUS in PDT @ 8:51 pm during election night.  Red is the color of the GOP’s of course. That gives The DONALD the edge.

Red Planet Mars

Capricorn is a lusty old goat. Capricorn as goat ruled, is derived from the ancient PAGAN goat-hoofed horned God PAN, the masculine Fertilizing energy of nature, which the Catholic church made into the DEVIL. – see below Saturn/SATAN who is the Devil, rules the sign of Capricorn.

MARS is Sexuality and competition

It’s earthy and dry, kinda cold and unemotional with Mars in Capricorn. It is sex for business.  Mars will be sexing up those hallowed halls of Corporate profit earnings and stats. Mars is anger and as we are already seeing American and Russian leaders and beaurocrats…

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4 Flint / ETZNAB – Wings of Spirit

Jaguar Spirit


4 Flint / ETZNAB 4 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

“Flint beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.”

Flint/EZNAB is one of the Day Signs that always makes an impression. There is usually no mistaking the message it brings. Compared to a Flint Knife, the Truth revealed by Flint is sharp enough to cut to the bone.

Tone 4 brings the intention of stability. Flint/ETZNAB can quickly  show us what is out of balance through flashes of inspiration. Our new Intention becomes stable as we get our bearings and lay a solid foundation for our plan.

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New Moon in Libra & Relating-Sep29-30

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Thursday morning requires some adjusted financial or intimate desires in order to move out of any subconscious pain. Then through Friday night, there is quiet as our intuition begins to show us our motivations for relating, higher consciousness around relating and, finally, we get some clarity on how we feel about relating as the New Moon in Libra exacts.

Here a healing touch may be just what is needed to move beyond any subconscious wounding that is causing you pain. An adjustment is what is called for in order to move into some ease in financial sharing or intimate sharing. If one of you is reluctant to ‘merge’ your resources or yourselves, take a slower approach and assure them through a loving touch.

At 3:52am on Friday morning, the Moon ingresses Libra and begins to Square Mars and Conjunct Jupiter around noon before Conjuncting the Sun at 8:12pm, creating…

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#10 What is this House stuff ???

Divination - Astrology, Tarot, Oracle.....

Well you are told there are 12 houses but what are they ?????

Its entire SPACE / SKY represented on a paper in the form of box…

See earth is a sphere. Therefore it has 360 degrees of dimensions. Any circle/sphere in short has 360 degrees.

Our ancestor viewed stars and planet from earth and used them for predictions. So earth is considered as center. So supposing you are on earth and seeing Venus the morning star – how will you tell others where Venus is located in this particular place ?

Well you would say its in the East .. but where in east ??? So to pinpoint with accuracy we have degrees. Know the GPS Co-ordinates to locate a thing like 24 N 12 E ?? yes that’s a location.


Consider, the center of this circle as EARTH. Lets say NORTH is at 90 degree, South at 270, West…

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Black Moon Rising In Scorpio: Prepare For September 30, 2016

Psychic Angel

On Friday September 30th, 2016 we see a rare black moon event, and with it a major shift will also be occurring. On Friday night, September 30th, a new moon will rise in the sky, the second one to fall in September. The first new moon of the month occurred back on the first day of September. Whenever this happens, two new moons within one single month, the second one is called a Black Moon.

Since new moons are essentially the first phase of the moon and are not visible, you won’t be able to see the Black Moon. Nevertheless it will be up there in the heavens exerting a powerful force upon our planet and our lives. The cosmic shift in energy that the Black Moon ushers in will end up affecting us all in one way or another. Astrologically speaking, new moons are times for new beginnings and…

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What’s Your Sign? Lunar Astrology and Druid Tree Lore September and October Birthdays


Druid Tree Lore – Celtic Lunar Astrology
30th September-27th October

Ivy is another evergreen symbolising mystery, immortality, the portal to the Otherworld and the dark time of year. The Butterfly represents the Sidhe or Faerie Folk, who rule the Otherworld, a land not marked by human time. The elusive Faerie hold hidden secrets and wisdom which have yet to be discovered by humans and are ruled by the mythical hidden planet of Persephone. Those born under this sign are said to be unique, intelligent, sociable, artistic and good friends. I chose the beautiful Irish Peacock butterfly to represent this sign.

About Druid Tree Lore and Celtic Lunar Astrology
People have been marking the passage of time by the phases of the moon for millennia. Although it is impossible to say for certain because the lore and traditions were not written, many historians believe that both the Celts and Druids used…

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Journey by the sea

Thursday September 29th, 2016

Moon in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo

Chiron in Pisces

Today is a really great day in terms of communication. If you have noticed this whole week has not been very dreamy week , there has not been much of a fantasy energy  around .This is because we are all focused on the here and now! Focused on getting things done and doing them rather than just dreaming of them, and how this translates today is how we communicate. Today we will be able to communicate very effectively and there will be a lot of power behind what we are saying and what we are trying to get across.  The Moon is in Virgo and conjuncts Mercury the communication planet in Virgo.The Moon also opposes Chiron in Pisces. So there is not much in the way of dreaming or fantasying about we want to say, nothing about…

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Mercury trine Pluto: clarity



On a Mercury trine Pluto day, imagine climbinon top of the highest mountain to see your situation clearly.

Up there, breathing the clear air, you can see far and wide.

If the climb up there was hard, then that’s what Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes. If your situation requires painstaking analysis, then you can draw on Mercury in its own sign, Virgo, working well with the in-depth vision of Pluto.

Transform your worldview from up there; imagine things the way you want them to be; and then, be prepared to rock and roll once the hard work symbolized by the Capricorn -Virgo earth element is done.

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