Faith & Science: Do Dogs Think?

Our destiny is interwoven with that of our canids. How a person, or a culture, treats its canids tells you much of their character.


20190511_084923 BeBe deep in thought

I guess it’s a fair question. As humans, we think we’re the only ones that are cognitive of our own thoughts. But the question isn’t about cognition, it’s about thinking.

We reason out what path to take, which food to make, everyday. Dogs seem reactive, bouncing along in response to whatever stimuli come their way. But is that all there is to it? We know they feel, and they let us know when something’s not right (like a burglar coming into the house at night, under cover of darkness). BeBe is extra sensitive to smoke alarms. Instantly, she wants to climb my lap to feel protected from that noisy threat. She will also whimper, cry, snap or bark if I accidently hurt her in any way.

But does she think? In a word, ‘yes’!

We play fetch most every evening. But she’s the one who initiates…

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