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astrology & little ol’ me… ancient tradition, contemporary application.

mud & lotus

Most of us are familiar with our sun sign, or what is more commonly known as “star sign”. This is the one that you frantically searched for (okay that was me) in the Sunday morning paper, and read over and over until you could attach some sort of meaning to it no matter how vague the message relayed was. All you needed was your birth date and you had a cosmic prediction – a “personalized” peek into the unknown future. Sounds fancy.

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Moon Transit in Aries

Emerald Hearth

Get ready to receive new ideas after letting go of the old. Moon is currently waning in the sign of Aries and will be doing so for next following day and a half. This means it is time to be open to all that is about to come forth. Aries is the sign of unique ideas and energy that is SUPER straight-forward. Moon waning in this sign is getting you prepared to receive new ideas that will place you in the right direction toward your goals.

Moon is asking you to make room by letting go of useless ideologies through meditation and stillness. Aries, being a cardinal sign, signifies that the thought forms are about how to create a more fulfilling life through community, fresh ways to approach situations, and how to inspire and help others around you.

While the moon is waning, it is best to reflect and harness this fiery…

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Free Class: Astro 102, Session 1 – What are the Signs?

Vic DiCara's Astrology

This class explains what the signs are, how the planets interact with them, why there are 12, the two theories about where the 12 begin, the logic and classic-textual support for the Tropical Theory, the lack of logic in the Sidereal Theory, and an explanation of why many people wrongly consider the Sidereal Theory to be traditional and classical.

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What does it mean when planets are in retrograde?

The Isis Files

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Retrograde-   /ˈretrəʊˌɡreɪd/

“Directed or moving backwards”

Retrograde_planets_explained Image from:

What is retrograde?

There are certain periods throughout every year when the planets move in the opposite direction than they normally do. This is when the planets move in retrograde.

How long are planets in retrograde?

The time period each planet is in retrograde varies. The outer planets of the solar system move slower which causes them to stay in retrograde longer. Their time frame varies between 4 to 5 months within a year. The inner planets of the solar system move faster than the outer planets, which allows retrograde for shorter periods of time.   Their time frame varies between 3 weeks to 3 months. However, the inner planets are in retrograde more often!

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What does it mean when planets are direct?

The planets stop moving in retrograde. They reverse and move forward again instead…

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Today’s Energy April 24, 2017

Monavie Voight

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