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Risque Bizness: A Spinoff

Risque Bizness: Enter at Your Own Risque

This blog is a spinoff from Lost Dudeist Astrology.  We are moving our NSFW / Erotic poems, stories, nude pictures, pinups and similar material here.  Most of our visual material will tend to be lingerie shots and vintage pinups with the occasional nudes.  We are not posting hardcore pornography.  As an aside, all (or almost all) of the material will be “reblogs” aggregated from other sources.

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Putting The Muscle in ‘Muscleheaded’

He is right: one for the ladies who might want “beefcake.”

The Müscleheaded Blog

donfullerAs you might know if you’re a regular reader,
I’m big on vintage pin-ups.

And although I write this blog primarily for Muscleheads like me,

there is a small
but very fun,
wonderful group of ladies who also follow this blog.

when one of my favorite female friends here on WordPress sent me an email,
and made a request for a specific genre of pin-ups…

( She wanted :
“… male-pin-up-disproportional-eye-candy“. )

I got to thinking ….

Maybe all those past comments demanding male pin-upsshapeup
weren’t all that unreasonable, after all.

once in a while,
would it kill me?

yeah, probably.

But today,
what the hell.

….. although all the Muscleheads out there are gonna be wonderin’ just what the Heavens Gate is goin’ on around here.

virileI don’t want y’all thinking that this blog has suddenly become some kinda equal opportunity pin-up poster, or something.

Perish the thought–
It’s not…

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