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Risque Bizness: A Spinoff

Risque Bizness: Enter at Your Own Risque

This blog is a spinoff from Lost Dudeist Astrology.  We are moving our NSFW / Erotic poems, stories, nude pictures, pinups and similar material here.  Most of our visual material will tend to be lingerie shots and vintage pinups with the occasional nudes.  We are not posting hardcore pornography.  As an aside, all (or almost all) of the material will be “reblogs” aggregated from other sources.

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Miscommunication Madness


This is an issue that is really bothering me this week. It’s always made me shake my head or roll my eyes when someone is going a little bonkers about how someone said something ‘out of order’ over text to a vague social media update that is perfectly timed with something someone did to upset someone else.

Yes, I understand that it’s seemingly easier to hide behind your phone or your computer and say what you really think is on your mind, but perhaps the reason you’re feeling so brave is because you’re not faced with facial expressions, tone of voice, gesture or body language. And in turn, the person on the receiving end of your blast of anger is in the same boat, and without these clarifying cues, we then “fill in the blanks” with our worries and assumptions.

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People lie to make themselves feel better.

An interesting proposition. Does it come from peer-reviewed research or is it the blogger’s own opinion?


Pinocchio.0 It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Don’t take it personally when someone lies to you. It wasn’t even to protect you or your feelings, not for one second; it’s all about them.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment; they have something going on that they feel so guilty, embarrassed, ashamed or perhaps even possessive over that they feel they have to just make stuff up to keep it to themselves, to make them feel better about it.

Just imagine that! They’re that worried that they’ll be adversely affected by you knowing, and that it might upset them and their lifestyle that they get caught up in this dishonesty, and the only person they’re actually fooling is themselves.

Unfortunately this is a selfish cycle, without the realisation you could both be better off if they were honest, or that you simply do not understand why it’s necessary, or…

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Intimate Connection

The Migraine Chronicles


My new Duet partner is nottooold2 who likes to refer to himself as an “old dog”, I am sure he has a few tricks left in him.  Head over to his page Insecurely Confident and throw him a bone for working with me on this project.  Honestly I had a great time and cannot wait to get started on our next one.

While she sat across the table
she watched his eyes caress her face
she wondered what he was thinking
as her mind began to race

He knew she felt his gaze
for which he did not hide
a tidal swell of yearning
building deep inside

A gentle touch upon her cheek
memorizing every feature
what might she see in him
such a beautiful creature

She relaxed in the comfort of his eyes
a feeling she hadn’t known in a while
apprehensive yet willing
she tilted her head and softly smiled

To her…

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