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Died Today (February 3rd): John Cassavetes (1929–1989)

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

johncassavetes.jpgJohn Cassavetes (1929–1989)

Born: December 9, 1929 in New York City, New York, USA
Died: February 3, 1989 (age 59) in Los Angeles, California, USA

There’s a difference between ad-libbing and improvising. And there’s a difference between not knowing what to do and just saying something. Or making choices as an actor. As a writer also, as a person who’s making a film, as a cameraman, everything is a choice. And it seems to me I don’t really have to direct anyone or write down that somebody’s getting drunk; all I have to do is say that there’s a bottle there and put a bottle there and then they’re going to get drunk. I don’t want to tell them how they’re going to get drunk. I don’t want to tell them how they’re going to get drunk, or what they would do, and I don’t want to restrict them in…

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When the Gods are With You: Harnessing the Power of Jupiter in the 9th House

Soul Passages Astrology

Though we may sometimes feel that “the Gods must be crazy,” we can learn to harness luck in our lives by working with Jupiter. That way, when coke bottles fall out of the sky, we know what to do with them! Jupiter, as a benefic planet, enables us to dream big, to explore reality outside of our normal boundaries and to have hope. It also inspires us to embody our highest selves and to work towards the betterment of society.

Since Sagittarius rules the lovely planet of rings, themes such as higher education, the courts, cultures around the world and belief systems can also come into play when Jupiter zooms one of our houses. Though it is possible to overdo things when the planet of expansion and growth is around, it does tend to bring a measure of luck with it, so long as we are doing the work.


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Gorgon Sisters

As I stated inan earlier post, I’m a Virgo and true to sign, I often can’t see the forest for the trees. My natal chart is no exception. I don’t see a natal astrology chart as a whole, I see it in the parts which I can sometimes add together. There’s a Grand Trine in fire. There is a mutual reception between my Aries moon and my Cancer Mars.

There is one aspect in my chart which I have always just intuited. 8th House Uranus in Scorpio.

Scorpio is at home in the 8th house. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. Uranus often indicates lightning-quick change while Scorpio is concerned with birth, death, and rebirth and the accompanying baggage with those concerns: freedom, money, sex, and transformation. Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius, an air sign. Air signs are generally preoccupied with ideas. Scorpio is a water sign…

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