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Happy Birthday: Kiefer Sutherland

WILDsound Festival

kiefersutherland.jpgKiefer Sutherland

Born: December 21, 1966 in Paddington, London, England, UK

[on his father, actor Donald Sutherland, being a huge fan of his television series 24 (2001)]: I remember last year we were having dinner and I made the mistake of saying I had to go home soon because we’re shooting x, y and z. And he got cross with me, because I had told him what I was shooting, just not thinking about it, and obviously gave away a piece of the plot.

Twelve years ago, if anyone had suggested I would do TV, I would have laughed at them. Film actors didn’t do TV. But when I was finally offered 24 (2001), it came like a saving grace. I owe it a lot.

Stand By Me
dir. Rob Reiner
Wil Wheaton
River Phoenix
The Lost BoysThe Lost Boys
dir. Joel Schumacher
Jason Patric

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Happy Birthday: Jane Fonda

WILDsound Festival

janefonda.jpgJane Fonda

Born: December 21, 1937 in New York City, New York, USA

Married to: Ted Turner (21 December 1991 – 22 May 2001) (divorced)
Tom Hayden (19 January 1973 – 10 June 1990) (divorced) (2 children)
Roger Vadim (14 August 1965 – 16 January 1973) (divorced) (1 child)

[on the infamous photo of her posing with a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun] The biggest lapse of judgment in my life. I don’t regret going to North Vietnam. I’m glad I went. I’m glad I did everything I did, except that.

Sometimes all I can do when I walk down the street, and this matters especially in New York, is look people in the eye. Especially homeless people and prostitutes. I mean, you don’t see streetwalkers so much here, but I’ve been in cities where you run into streetwalkers. Looking them in the eye and saying “hello” I know makes a difference…

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Happy Birthday: Samuel L. Jackson

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samuelljackson.jpgSamuel L. Jackson

Born: December 21, 1948 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Married to: LaTanya Richardson Jackson (14 January 1980 – present) (1 child)

[on how his look was created in Pulp Fiction (1994)] “Quentin Tarantino wanted Jules to have a big afro. He sent this PA out to buy a wig. She went to South Central and bought this jeri-curl wig. And Quentin was going off, saying, ‘It’s got to be an afro because he had this whole blaxploitation thing’. I told him, ‘That’s the South Central look.’ You look at Ice Cube and NWA. Guys had all this shit dripping down their necks. I had already grown the sideburns out and the mustache. It was perfect. Total Gangster.”

Do the Right Thing
dir. Spike
Danny Aielo
Ossie Davis
dir. Spike
Wesley Snipes
Annabella Sciorra
PulpFictionPulp Fiction
dir. Tarantino

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American Ultra

Saw American Ultra. Loved it. It is obviously a parody. This article has important counterpoints. Still recommend seeing the movie. Best laughs I have had in some time. Even funnier if the you read various articles on government conspiracy (some of which are true (as Snowden showed us) and some of which are likely not).

Follow The Money


I must preface this article with the fact I haven’t yet seen American Ultra. I’m sure I will at some point, but I’m in no hurry. I think I get the gist.

So in American Ultra Jesse Eisenberg’s stoner lead character is unknowingly a sleeper agent and the CIA-like agency that created him decides they want to kill him off. I saw it described on a forum as The Bourne Identity on weed, and that’s kind of what I expected judging by the trailer. Sprinkle a bit of love interest in with Kristen Stewart’s character and we have the recipe for a typical lackluster Hollywood action comedy.

It isn’t the mediocre nature of the plot that worries me here. It is the clear correlation of the themes and plot with the true accounts of the CIA mind control program MK Ultra. Even in so much as the title, which is a…

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