Do you do Moondark? Maybe you should…

Astrology: Questions and Answers

The web is full of articles about the upcoming Leo New Moon. New Moons always attract our attention,which indeed they merit. However – the Balsamic lunar phase, where we are now, does not attract nearly as much upfront focus. It should, in my view…and I am not alone here! 

The Sun/Moon Month The Sun/Moon Month

That fine, poetic astrological writer Dana Gerhardthas this to say: ‘As the final phase in the lunation cycle, the Balsamic Moon is the monthly “sleep time”. During the three to four days of this phase, vitality and spirit are replenished, fueling your start at the next New Moon….if you could observe just one Moon phase per cycle, this should be the one… ‘ (my emphasis)

Our increasingly frenetic 24/7 culture, revved up in recent years as it has been by the arrival and increasing dominance of social media, does not encourage us to build a…

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Understanding myself (Part 1): Using astrology to clue in your life purpose

Roots & Wings

Astrology means science of the stars, originating from Greek “astron” which means star. Western astrology is a 5,000 year-old body of knowledge which can be used for finding out your:

  • Innate talents and limitations (Natal chart)
  • Core wound
  • Relationship dynamics (Synastry and composite charts)
  • Best career options
  • Best place to live in the world (Relocation chart)
  • Current situation & opportunities (Transit chart)
  • State of evolution in life (Solar return chart)
  • Past lives energy (Karmic chart)

Astrology can also be predictive in the way of showing future tendencies according to the movement of the planets in relation to time, yet specific events are not fixed in stone. For the purpose of understanding yourself, you would have little use for predictive astrology. Instead, focus on your natal chart, which is like a blueprint of who you are, your core wound, and potential.

There are 4 main components which make up an astrological…

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Love, Reality and Transformation: Venus opposes Saturn

the existential astrologer

wpid-img_20150904_135947The Venus opposition to Saturn is making us look hard at what we really need in love – and what is possible.

Venus in Taurus is in opposition to Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Scorpio until July 31. The energy is shifting this month, watery planets Mars, Saturn and Sun and New Moon in Cancer too (Jul 23). In August the lunar nodes change signs and we have eclipses! The karmic axis changes gears and moves from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn (more on that soon).  There’s also a tension, as Mars aligned with Sun squaring Uranus bringing agitation, oddness and unexpected accidents. Those who have Mars as ruler or in the 6th house need to take great care of their health as Mars in tense aspect can create risk of injury and tension issues – headaches, cramps and stiff muscles. As August unfolds these tensions and ambiguities will clear away and new opportunities, invitations and…

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Sun enters Leo!

Helen Edey


The Sun strides into Leo, sharing the Leo lime light with Mercury, Mars and the North Node. Plus you have a new moon in Leo happening and this is also the beginning point to the eclipse season. 

Express yourself with passion, heart, open to play, fun, lightness, lighten up and laugh. Connect with your purpose, what makes your soul soar and roar, what inspires you, what stirs the fire within.

Leo time, be confident, be creative, radiant and shine. Find ways to be creative, show your talents off. Some may struggle with this energy, others will love the special attention they get during this time. Look at your birth chart to see what areas need attention, what areas need to be sparked up more for you to shine in your own special way.

If you know your birth chart look at it, as this will let you know where all…

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