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Debatable News

Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more

We focus on the more controversial news.  Almost all of the content is in the form of “reblogs” from other sources.  Just because we reblog it does NOT mean we endorse it, agree with it, or even thing it is legitimate.  We do NO fact checking, so you are “own your own” regarding the question of veracity.  What we do is echo out to our readers the most controversial, and sometimes “crazy,” news that we can find.  (Some of it is quite mainstream, and some of it is not.)

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Risque Bizness: A Spinoff

Risque Bizness: Enter at Your Own Risque

This blog is a spinoff from Lost Dudeist Astrology.  We are moving our NSFW / Erotic poems, stories, nude pictures, pinups and similar material here.  Most of our visual material will tend to be lingerie shots and vintage pinups with the occasional nudes.  We are not posting hardcore pornography.  As an aside, all (or almost all) of the material will be “reblogs” aggregated from other sources.

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FRIGHTENING: Huge asteroid to ‘brush past Earth’ on Halloween


AN asteroid as big as three Big Bens and capable of killing millions will skim past the Earth on Halloween.   And the devastating rock has only just been discovered.

Nasa scientists have revealed the huge rock will skim past 310,000 miles from our planet on October 31.   The meteor is measured between 300 and 600 metres, experts say, across.   Alarmingly, it was discovered by the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii, according to Nasa, just two weeks ago.

It also has an “unusually” high counted velocity of around 78,000mph. It will mark the closest asteroid passing since 2006.   The space agency said: “The asteroid is on an extremely eccentric and a high inclination orbit.    (*Source: DAILY STAR dated 19th October 2015)

It comes just a month after self-proclaimed prophets predicted the world would end after a massive asteroid hit in Puerto Rico as the Blood…

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘I stopped Large Hadron Collider destroying human race’, claims ex-politican


A FORMER politician has made the extraordinary claim that he stopped the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) opening a portal to another dimension that would have destroyed mankind.   Simon Parkes, who until April was a Labour town councillor for Whitby in North Yorkshire, claimed “psychopathic” members of a group of world leaders, known as the Illuminati by conspiracy theorists, were hellbent on using the huge atom colliding machine to open a vortex that would allow them complete control over all of us.

Mr Parkes, who has previously been a borough councillor in London and lectured at the Natural History Museum, made the extraordinary claims before hundreds of people during a paranoia-inducing speech at a UFO convention in a country manor house.   Conspiracy theorists claim the Illuminati is a worldwide secret organisation which really runs the world above the global leaders we see in office.   He claimed to have…

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Coca-Cola Spends $119 Million Funding Health Research Groups To Improve Their Image | True Activist

Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™

It should come as no surprise that with so much money being thrown into research, that studies have actually come out saying that Coca-Cola was healthy, or that exercise was more important to diet when it comes to fitness.

Source: Coca-Cola Spends $119 Million Funding Health Research Groups To Improve Their Image | True Activist

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