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Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016


Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016

This particular eclipse is personal for reasons I do not wish to disclose on the open internet.  I thought about NOT writing about it and just leaving the 2016 New Moons page and the writings of others (reblogs) as my proxy.

But, I changed my mind.  And then I found a body of work I had produced on this eclipse a few weeks ago.  No written work, mind you, but chart graphics from the time when I developed my analysis of the rather important Grand Quintile of August 28th.  That confirmed for me that I needed to put up what I had done in a post.

This Grand Quintile period we are in, from August 28th until September 11th, is particularly rare.  If you check the Grand Quintiles from 1800 to 2050 page, you will find most of them last a few hours…

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Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2016

An annular solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Virgo on September 1st will be visible from Madagascar and certain areas of Central Africa. The effects of this eclipse have been building up for several days, bringing explosive action, fierce opposition, and holy hell in our spheres of existence. The “ring of fire” formed the glowing rays of the Sun outlined behind the Moon could symbolize this.

For some this New Moon Eclipse heralds the release of struggle, the breaking of chains, and the onset of inspiration. Much of what is being processed now is a recap of what came up last year 0f 2015 around September 13th with the Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo. Close where I live in Northern California, a huge fire took down almost an entire valley, and with it a spot called Harbin Hot Springs that was beloved by many. It was a time…

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Rubys Astro Readings


Rubys Astro Readings
New Moon Solar Eclipse
Sept. 1st 2016
The New Moon in Virgo comes together on Thursday, Sept. 1st and is also a Solar Eclipse, and all of this occurs at 5 AM EST, 4 AM CST. New Moon’s represent new beginnings and are a great time to manifest, so make out  your wish lists about what it is you truly want or desire. This is an extremely powerful and potent New Moon because it is an Eclipse, they say it has the energy of three New Moon’s! Therefore this is an opportune time to “Set Intentions” with the Moon’s energy, or wish for what you want! To learn more about just how to “Set Intentions” with the New Moon, click the link.
Eclipses always come in pairs for a reason, they are a time of powerful endings and new beginnings. Energy opens and closes. Power shifts…

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Solar eclipse in Virgo: sense the power of the feminine


SolarEclipseSolar eclipse on September 1 sets off Virgo energy with the Sun and Moon joining in a dance in the skies.

New Moons and Full Moons always seem like relationships because the two main players, or symbols in the horoscope, one male and one female – are together or apart for a brief moment.During New Moon, joined together, and during Full Moon in an opposition.

Add the eclipse, and things are really turning! In a ‘normal’ New Moon, the Sun is not totally hidden by the Moon, but during a Solar Eclipse, the Moon takes the initiative to fully move between the Sun and the earth to briefly completely block the the light of the Sun on earth. See the illustration above, the Moon moves in front of the Sun.

In some level, the symbolism is simple.Today males still take the front seat in most public domains in most cultures…

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Current Astrology: Mercury, Virgo and Current Transits

ASTROLOGY by Barry Kerr

  By Barry Kerr

The Sun moved into Virgo on August 22. Virgo

Last month, with Sun in Leo, we honored our ego, celebrating our soul’s intention to shine our light through our personality. This month, in Virgo, the energy is focused on feedback, discernment, improvement and service.

People often use the terms “big” ego and “strong” ego, sometimes confusing the two meanings. It’s important to understand the difference. A big ego implies that a person is filled with self-love, is able to express her thoughts and feelings in big ways that demand or invite other’s attention. This can be warm, entertaining and delightful or brash, self-serving and boorish. Think Robin Williams versus Donald Trump. By contrast to them, the proverbial quiet, introverted librarian has a “small” ego.

A strong ego, on the other hand, is about a person’s ability to withstand criticism or rejection. The capacity for one to maintain…

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Annular Solar Eclipse on September 1st

Astrology Software 2021

Solar Eclipse 2016

An annular solar eclipse will occur on September 1, 2016, which will be visible from Africa and some parts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. (Of course, for most viewers in Africa, it will be a partial one.) The eclipse will begin at 06:13 UTC; the maximum point will take place at 09:01 UTC, and the annularity will last for 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

When do annular solar eclipses happen? Just a short explanation.

As the Moon’s path around the Earth is elliptical, one side of the orbit is closer to Earth than the other. The point closest to the Earth is called the ’perigee’ and the point farthest from the Earth is known as the ’apogee’. When the Moon is farthest from the Earth, its apparent size is smaller than the Sun’s apparent size. Because of this, annular eclipses of the Sun can only occur when the Moon…

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JUPITER IN LIBRA – For every sign – September 9 till October 10, 2017

Cristina Laird's Astrology

un-delegates-large-2The last time that Jupiter was in Libra was from the end of the 2004 until October 2005. Do you remember what was happening in your life then? This transit of the largest planet in our Solar system through this sign ruled by Venus, or rather, one of the signs ruled by the Goddess of Beauty, also means the Return of Júpiter, for all those born with Jupiter in Libra. Meaning, everyone who turns 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72, etc. in 2017 or at the end of this year.

Jupiter is known as the Great Benefactor, since it help us expand our horizons, in search of other neighborhoods, other cultures, it propels us to search, search, search. It rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, two signs that speak of our philosophical and spiritual longings: Some of the least answered questions are: “What are we doing here?” “Why…

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Ms A to spill beans about hubby’s lover?


Should Ms A spill the ‘proverbial’ beans regarding her husband’s lover?

No – In the eyes of her husband, both Ms A and the marriage are in a slightly weaker position than that of the lover. Spilling the beans, so to speak, may not only cause him to lose his job (which may happen anyway), but it will be highly disruptive and do nothing to strengthen her marriage.

Situation – Ms A is not pleased with Mr A. He has been seeing Ms C on the side for several years. As we’ve seen from earlier posts, Ms C has a fiery temper, certainly hot enough to get her into trouble. Ms C has the option during 2017-17 to keep her cool and if she can ‘play nice’, she might achieve her objectives, but she hasn’t. Instead she’s chosen to harass Ms A publicly and Ms A wishes to know…

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