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A Promise to Venus, A Commitment to Myself

Gemstone Rhapsody

This post is a bit delayed. My life has not been conducive to writing lately. But it is New Year’s Eve, a time when many people are wanting to make positive, lasting changes in their lives, and the subject of this blog is in the same vein.

On the night of Winter Solstice, the beginning of a new Solar cycle and what many folks like me who honor the pagan traditions consider to be the official start of the New Year, I made a very solemn vow. It was something I had been considering in recent weeks, after my stay in the psych ward, as I faced the realization that my relationship was in ruins.

On that sacred night, in ceremony with friends, I vowed to commit myself to a period of celibacy. I will maintain this celibacy for approximately 17 months. This may seem like an arbitrary length of…

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Void of Course

Very good article on this. Maybe the best I have seen on the ‘net. But, as an aside, I am a “modern” rather than a “traditionalist.” So, I approach the topic a bit differently from this. Mostly, though, I agree. Good analysis.