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A Promise to Venus, A Commitment to Myself

Gemstone Rhapsody

This post is a bit delayed. My life has not been conducive to writing lately. But it is New Year’s Eve, a time when many people are wanting to make positive, lasting changes in their lives, and the subject of this blog is in the same vein.

On the night of Winter Solstice, the beginning of a new Solar cycle and what many folks like me who honor the pagan traditions consider to be the official start of the New Year, I made a very solemn vow. It was something I had been considering in recent weeks, after my stay in the psych ward, as I faced the realization that my relationship was in ruins.

On that sacred night, in ceremony with friends, I vowed to commit myself to a period of celibacy. I will maintain this celibacy for approximately 17 months. This may seem like an arbitrary length of…

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In astrology the Planets are to be understood within the Celestial Spheres, or Ptolemaic Model. These spheres represent the manifestation of reality, of the universe. This starts from Primum Mobile ( the Zodia not the constellations) to the Earth.

Some critics argue that this model has been demonstratively proven to be incorrect, by the Copernican Model. This is not true; they do not represent the same thing.

Heliocentric (Copernican Model) models refers solely to the observation of the physical world, or its perceived appearance. In contrast, the Geocentric Universe represents the manifestation of creation and reality, as from the World of Spirit (or whatever you wish to call it). So saying the Geocentric Universe is void is like taking a photograph on your camera and saying anything that cannot be seen within it is not real. Silly, right?

The planets occupy spheres falling between the Firmament (the fixed stars)…

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The Twelve Places


The early name for the houses was ‘Places.’ From the middle ages astrologers began to refer to the zodia as ‘celestial houses’, and the places, ‘mundane houses’.

The interchangeable use of ‘houses’ has became more confused in recent times as the two became erroneously merged. To this end the first house is seen as the natural house of Aries and Mars , the sixth house as the natural house of Virgo and Mercury, and so on. This is incorrect.

Places did not and do not move. The Zodia do. Every day each zodion will pass through each place. They have no natural link or affinity, however.

Ascendant, imum coeli, descendant, and medium coeli

These refer to specific degrees, and thus points, seen in a chart not houses.

An ascendant is the point of degree rising on the eastern horizon and the medium coeli (midheaven)…

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Void of Course

Very good article on this. Maybe the best I have seen on the ‘net. But, as an aside, I am a “modern” rather than a “traditionalist.” So, I approach the topic a bit differently from this. Mostly, though, I agree. Good analysis.


The void of course Moon is a niggling issue in astrology. If you Google it you will find several different explanations (varying in minor degrees to out-and-out contradictions). That is not just between traditionalists and modernists.

In modern astrology the moon is considered void of course if it has reached partile (exact or perfected) aspect to another planet and will not form another before it leaves the sign it is in. They neither agree if this includes aspects to Chiron or Lilith, et cetera, nor what aspects should be included. For this reason you will find they argue a lot about when the moon is void of course.

In classical astrology the moon is considered void of course if it has completed (meaning separated) from the last aspect and is not applying to another before it leaves a sign.

However, this is where it gets a bit more complicated.

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