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Can’t get to sleep? Here are 5 tips you may not have thought of to help you drop off

This is great for some people, but ineffective for others.


IF counting sheep before bedtime is getting a bit dull, there are some interesting new studies that are proven to get you to sleep even faster.

1. Get rid of tension

Anxiety expert Charles Linden emphasises that relaxing your muscles makes you more ready for sleep.   Focusing all of your tension to one part of your body for a few seconds, and then releasing it, can help you to get into a more comfortable position.

2. Meditate

Stanford Medical Centre investigated whether mindfulness and meditation could help insomniacs get to sleep.   In their six-week program, the time that it took people to get to sleep halved.   By the end of the study, 60 per cent of the participants no longer qualified as insomniacs.

3. Get out of bed

Dr Rosenburg, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day, believes that removing yourself from bed will…

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