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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus; April 28 – May 22, 2016


“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.” ― Kahlil Gibran

by Amanda Painter

“Have you noticed anything going particularly awry, or any near misses that got your attention in the last couple days or so? I’m especially referring to anything that involves communication, travel, your electronic devices, or even interactions that have involved your body (and your responses to it).

Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus today, April 28, at about 1:20 pm EDT. It will remain in apparent retrograde motion until May 22. This means we’ve been in the ‘storm’ phase these last few days (and will be for a couple more); this is the phase of time around a planetary station when things can feel especially tricky.

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Today’s transits – April 28, 2016 – Thursday

minute astrologer


Mercury retrograde at 23 Taurus (tropical zodiac) until May 22nd when Mercury turns direct at 14 Taurus.
Time for slow downs, mischief and mistakes with communication and commerce tools, including technology devices and machines.  Hold off on purchases for these things until Mercury goes direct.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                    Capricorn @ 22 deg.
Sun                       Taurus @ 08 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Taurus @ 23 deg. (Retrograde until May 22nd)
Venus                 Aries @ 28 deg.
Mars                    Sagittarius @ 08 deg. (Retrograde until June 29th)

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 13 deg. (Retrograde until May 9th)

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Mars sign – how does he act in a relationship?



Everyone has Mars in their chart, but it’s especially important in a man’s chart because it’s THE planet of masculinity and drive. It shows how he acts, how strong he is, how sexual he is, and how he uses his energy. Mars also symbolizes what makes your man tick. Its position by house shows what area of life he puts his passion into – I’ll cover that in a separate article.

Mars sign has to always be combined with the Sun sign especially, and also with other factors in a birth chart, but a strong Mars will usually show even is the rest of the chart is not so driven.

Below, I’ve written a short description of what to expect from your man according to his Mars sign – and I’ve used movie stars and musicians as examples – this does not mean your own man is exactly like they…

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Naked Secrets Unearthed: Uranus in Scorpio

journeys in the astral light

Greetings, and welcome back! Today I am offering some thoughts on the influence of Uranus in Scorpio. I have published a detailed message about Uranus earlier in this journal, but it is not necessary to read it to understand what I have to present below, as I present a summary of its most important points.

bird-383245_1920 - Copy

On an exceptionally clear night under perfect conditions, Uranus is only just visible to the naked eye and was not discovered as a planet until relatively recently, with the invention of telescopes, because it is so dim as to be nigh invisible and has a slow orbit so it moves only very gradually through the sky, masquerading as a faint star or a comet. Astrologically it is the first of the trans-personal or supernal planets, which have their orbits beyond Saturn and which lead us beyond the mundane realms – Saturn is the final astrological…

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Celestial Performance with Moon


Picture P32I think the Cosmos loves showing us the fascinating pictures. Venus the Morning star together with Mars the Red star or mysterious comings of comets always look so impressive… Unlike what the medieval astrologers believed the simple manifestations don’t bring troubles, at least because normally one aspect cannot totally destroy our life. From astrological point of view a significant event always needs a powerful environment.

As I wrote recently

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Queen of Cups- Seeing the Love that’s not here


There is a veiled spirit that guide’s you. The Queen of Swords is the card that removed the veil and gets you closer to the mysteries of your being. We all have an oracle within that can answer any question one might have. Trusting your feelings, following your emotions, are messages from the soul. These messages are unconcious, and may cause confusion thanks to the veil. But the veil can and will be removed.
In a calm sea you are able to see your reflection. In a calm mind you will begin to see the reflection of the soul manifest in this reality. Trusting in your instincts, acting on your instincts, is simultaneously building your intuition, the veiled Queen of Cups. This will lead to her birthing you a new outlook on your emotions and how you see life. Calming your mind and listening to your inner voice, will bring…

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Art for Sale: Singing the Stars to Earth


Singing the Stars to  Earth Acrylic art with feathers, glitter, small rose quartz chips, Swarovski crystals. 19.5″ x 23.5″ x 0.5″ (49.5cm x 59cm x 2.5cm).

I created this piece of acrylic artwork when I lived in Australia and it’s always seemed a bit dull to me, so I returned to it today to add more life.

I think, metaphorically speaking, it also represents me returning to life and the magick, sparkles and glitter of the wonderful Planet  Earth on which we live.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts for ages, depressed, tired and lethargic. Last summer’s heat here in North Cyprus (40C most days through late July- early September) really did a number on me; I’ve had a few kidney infections; a lousy bout of the ‘flu which lasted about 5-6 weeks in early January, plus a stomach bug.

I’ve come to realise that one thing which really kicks me in the gut and…

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