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Triplicity Rulers in 15th Century Spain

Having recently watched an interview which Mychal A. Bryan did with Jenn Zahrt regarding triplicity rulers, I was inspired to reread the section of Diego de Torres’s 15th century manuscript on this topic. Below I have translated the section of the manuscript regarding the use of triplicity rulers in natal chart delineation, as it was taught to astrology students in 15th century Spain. I have tried to keep the translation fairly verbatim but on occasion have worded the text to make it flow more easily in modern English. I would ask that anyone quoting this translation give due credit to its source. An interesting feature of this text is that Diego de Torres utilizes the state and condition of the third or participating triplicity lord to modify the action of the first two lords.

Anthony Louis - Astrology & Tarot Blog

A couple years ago I came across a 15th century manuscript entitled Opus Astrologicum by Diego de Torres, a university professor at the Colegio de San Bartolomé in Salamanca, Spain. The text appears to be his handwritten notes used for teaching a basic astrology course to students during the 1400s. Diego de Torres drew upon many medieval texts which had been translated from Arabic into Latin during the Middle Ages. I’ve been slowly working my way through the manuscript, written in old Castilian Spanish, to see how astrology was understood and taught to students during the 15th century.

El Colegio Mayor San Bartolomé, fundado en 1.401, es un centro propio de la Universidad de Salamanca que combina las modernas instalaciones en las que actualmente se encuentra, junto al Campus Unamuno, con el sabor de la tradición que nos da el ser el Colegio Mayor más antiguo de España.


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Today’s Color Reading May 10, 2020

Julie M Perkins (aka Monavie Voight)

May 10, 2020

Use the power of your personal likes and dislikes of colors to guide you to find your answers.

To do this you may want to try some of these things:

  • The colors could be used to answer a specific question you ask.
  • The color cards could be divided up into time frames of the day, such as morning, afternoon, and evening to show how the day will unfold.

Once you find your purpose for using the color cards, tap into your personal intuition in ways like these:

  • What energy, emotions or feelings do the colors you see here today invoke in you?
  • Do you like or dislike the colors?
  • How do you see the colors in the way they relate to each other?
  • Do you feel they complement each other or do they clash?
  • Do you think the color cards flow from one to the other in…

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Three planets Retrograde in step Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Zodiac Man, Michele da Rodi / Public domain

“As above, so below” is the old Hermetic maxim. But this time it’s more like “here we are, they’re following us.”

As the world is still in quarantine lockdown unable to move forward now, three planets SATURN, VENUS AND JUPITER all turn RETROGRADE within 4 days of each other in step May 10-14th. We, the world and these three planets are all turning back time and not moving forwards.

Be careful what you wish for. 21 Pilots hit song “stressed out” lyrics “If I could turn back time, to the good old days.” has come true. You see the power of the WORD. We won’t feel so alone now with father time Saturn, Beautiful sexy artistic Venus and wise-cracking optimist Jupiter in the crib.


Retrogrades are not to be feared. That fearmongering Fishing clickbait is BS.

Rx is the…

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9 Wisdom / CIB – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 9 of 13

Jaguar Spirit



9 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

“Owl is the Mystic Ferryman who guides Earthlings on the return path to the stars holding the torch aloft.” ~Cherokee Sacred Calendar

Peak Tone 9 Completes our transformation. We are Harvesting the Truth that was seen all the way around one completed orbit of Human transformation. Every round offers 13 Inherent powers of creation. In the 13th uinal of our Ascension, we see it 20 times. And 13 steps are seen through 20 different perspectives, Inspired from Above. When we are unconscious, we make choices to go along, never knowing why. We can’t know why when we drift along. A Conscious Choice will always hold the Truth of Our Reason. Then we learn, because we are Divinely Guided to think of the next higher…

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The 7 May 2020 (3:45 am PDT) Full Moon, in 18 Scorpio, shines a bright Light on Changes in our Beliefs (asteroid Vesta) and our Values (Venus). We might Pretend to Agree with someone who Discounts our Beliefs, but there’s no way anyone’s going to Change them, as they reside Deep in the Unconscious. For […]

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Values and Beliefs Full Moon 2

jbuss Astrology

We finished last night with…

“The Full Moon chart offers several tools and Graces to help us Measure our Beliefs and Values against the Truth of our Deep Self.  We’ll go into that in the next post (Mercury [Analysis] Conjunct Sun [Essence], Veritas [Truth] Conjunct Hylonome [Sovereignty], Venus Stationary, Water Grand Trine, Almost-Grand-Sextile).”

But first…

We’re already well into a major Priority event that runs at least through 9pm PDT 10 May 2020.  The Universe will be asking us to set aside Priorities two through ten so we can focus entirely on Priority Number One.  That’ll be different for each of us, but it shouldn’t be hard for you to identify The Most Important Thing to you.  It may be an Insight about what you’ll be doing in 2021, and who you’ll be doing it with(Station of Saturn [The…

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Faith & Science: Do Dogs Think?

Our destiny is interwoven with that of our canids. How a person, or a culture, treats its canids tells you much of their character.


20190511_084923 BeBe deep in thought

I guess it’s a fair question. As humans, we think we’re the only ones that are cognitive of our own thoughts. But the question isn’t about cognition, it’s about thinking.

We reason out what path to take, which food to make, everyday. Dogs seem reactive, bouncing along in response to whatever stimuli come their way. But is that all there is to it? We know they feel, and they let us know when something’s not right (like a burglar coming into the house at night, under cover of darkness). BeBe is extra sensitive to smoke alarms. Instantly, she wants to climb my lap to feel protected from that noisy threat. She will also whimper, cry, snap or bark if I accidently hurt her in any way.

But does she think? In a word, ‘yes’!

We play fetch most every evening. But she’s the one who initiates…

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Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn 10th May 2020.

Sarah's Astrology WordPress

Mercury at 27 degrees 13 minutes Taurus is trine Jupiter at 27 degrees 13 minutes Capricorn at 2.37 pm GMT 3.37 pm BST 10th May 2020.

Making reliable and long standing plans for a bigger and brighter future, without being overly optimistic about the results that can be expected should go without a hitch. Mentally challenging tasks may be avoided but it’s not a priority to sort them out at the moment. Reviewing the financial involvement of signing contracts is a good idea. This could open your eyes to an expanse of options that have previously been overlooked. Maintaining a sensible level of positive thinking can be done with ease, and broadening your understanding of what is happening in the world in the present is less likely to be overwhelming.

© Sarah Cochrane 2020.

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Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces 10th May 2020.

Sarah's Astrology WordPress

The Sun at 20 degrees 27 minutes Taurus is sextile Neptune at 20 degrees 27 minutes Pisces 4.17 pm GMT 5.17 pm BST 10th May 2020.

Taking a look at what you are most sensitive to can be used as an opportunity to slowly but surely turn them into strengths. Subtle personality traits are more noticeable, although you could be cautious about expressing them. Stability and consistency help you to make sense of a lack of boundaries or the unknown, so you don’t lose your sense of direction. Go with the flow for now, even if you’re unsure what the conclusion will be. You’re able to alternate keeping your feet on the ground when you need to and when you can allow yourself to dream and escape reality for a while. Those who have a stable character are able to assist those who are vulnerable or gullible. Practical solutions can…

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