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12 Fruits And Veggies That Will Help You Lose The Most Weight


Are YOU showing early signs of DEMENTIA?

I feel so much better. Hmm. Now, where did I park my car?


FADING FAST: Watch out for these warning signs of early stage Alzheimer’s.   Forgetting where you parked your car is one thing, but if you find your keys in the fridge there might be a problem.   New research has revealed which memory issues may indicate the early stages of dementia.

The study, from researchers at the University of California, found that women who reported problems with their memory were 70 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or dementia decades later.    The research, which was published in the journal Neurology, also took into account factors such as education, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.   The Alzheimer’s Society said the study could give ‘better insight’ into determining who will develop the disease in later life.

But what memory loss can we dismiss, and which should we be mindful of?   According…

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Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2015

The WordPress.com Blog

The 2015 edition of the Automattic Worldwide WP 5k (#WWWP5k) is around the corner!

Automatticians already hit the trail at our company meetup last week. It was early — the sun was barely peeking behind the mountains in Park City, Utah — but the air was crisp and the morning was perfect for running a 5k. (Staying fit is an important part of our company culture.)

Automatticians running the WWWP5k in Park City, Utah Automatticians laced up and ready to go! Photo by Dean Royal.

Now it’s your turn! The Worldwide WordPress 5k will take place next week from Monday, October 26th to Sunday, November 1st.

Lace up your running/walking/hiking/hopping shoes and join us for the 5k blogged about around the world! Read on to find out how to participate.

What is a 5k?

A 5k run/walk is approximately 3.1 miles long. You can run, walk, or skip; it’s totally up to you. There’s…

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Why you lose your memory after having too much to drink


WE’VE all been there. It’s the morning after a big night out and you’re battling to remember anything you did or said.   So what’s happening inside your brain after having too much to drink?

Preventive health expert Dr Ross Walker says alcohol degenerates cells rapidly and mainly affects the liver, heart and brain.  “It rots the brain, basically.   Chronic consumption of alcohol has been linked to alzheimers.”   “As the amount of alcohol consumed increases, so does the magnitude of the memory impairments … If recreational drugs were tools, alcohol would be a sledgehammer.”

There are two main memory and neurological disorders caused by heavy drinking — Korsakoff’s psychosis and Wernicke’s encephalopathy.   In the brain of a Korsakoff’s sufferer, the hippocampus is “picked off” by alcohol.   Wernicke’s encephalopathy is basically severe vitamin B deficiency, particularly B1.   (*Source: news.com.au dated OCTOBER 23, 2015)


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