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Today’s transits May 31, 2016 – Tuesday

minute astrologer


Neptune moves to 12 degrees Pisces where it will station and retrograde this month.  Check charts for all energy at 12 degrees for areas of life blessed or challenged by spirituality.
Time for humility.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                    Aries @ 10 deg.
Sun                       Gemini @ 10 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Taurus @ 17 deg.
Venus                 Gemini @ 08 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 28 deg. (Retrograde until June 29th)

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 13 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 13 deg. (Retrograde until August 13th)
Uranus    …

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Aquarius woman evolves

Naturopathic Paladin

Aquarius woman evolves….Once she trusts you and you two grow closer, she is an amazing loyal and kindhearted person. She will always seem to be detached, she fears losing her identity in a relationship so do not be surprised if even in a long term relationship she seems more like a friend then a romantic partner. Do not press her emotionally or tie her down with demands and obligations because this will cause her to run. Never be jealous, this is a big red flag to her and she will leave right away, the Aquarius woman can never be tied down, she is free as a bird. If you give her all she needs, she will be completely faithful so you should not worry when she is out on her own, give her space and respect her privacy and all will be well. Aquarius woman is for the man who…

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Month of June prediction/analysis (by Anna Semyonova)

The Balance Club - USA branch

file0001457574320.jpgJune – a month of battles with the duality of perception in our minds. This duality will hinder us to find a foothold, will make us wander among the many concepts, ideas, opinions and advice in attempts to arrive at least to some conclusion. This is the time when people, tired of endless exploration and debate, conclude that each person should have their own truth, and that’s fine … But others do not agree with this. And in the mind of such a person appears a treacherous condition of divorce …

The triumph of the principle of tolerance (which will be difficult to resist) certainly will manifest in planting some o’k-ing laws. However, the opposition “for” and “against” can only increase at all levels, and the people should expect a lot of dirty info. It is necessary to be afraid of any dirt which may manifest through speech. Swearing, black…

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Star: 14 – Some Conclusions


At the beginning of this journey we got a glimpse of a description of Jesus. But what if that was a forgery? What if he looked nothing like how we see him today? What if he wasn’t even male?

Treasure of the Knights Templar

It has been a long journey, this review of the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. But a couple of mysteries remain: for example, how do the Cathar ‘heresy’ and the Knights Templar connect with Jesus’ horoscope (and the cabalistic Tree of Life)? Well, as ‘chance’ would have it, I found yet another book which brought me back in tune with their concealed truth. The book, written by Anthony Harris, called The Sacred Virgin and the Holy Whore (Sphere Books Limited, published by the Penguin Group, London, 1988), describes another man’s quest for the Holy Grail:

The Inquisition records reveal that…

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Mercury Retrograde

Fantastik Voyage


Many people may not know that last Sunday May 22 we just concluded a mercury retrograde (this one fell between April 28th and May 22nd), pretty much this is where everyone who doesn’t know about astrology gets to have the experience, though not sure what it is and perhaps suspecting that something weird is going on. Associated with lost keys, late or lost payments, disk drive failures, and communication mishaps, the mercury retrograde is not known to have a very good reputation, yet there are some people that love it- if you are the creative type (like me!), or if you have a slightly tweaky mind (like me!), if you like the feeling of swimming against the current, or you might be someone who looks forward to the retrograde happening.
For those of you who don’t know about this astrological “happening,” here’s the easiest way to explain it: The planet Mercury…

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Update from the Woods

9th House


I am currently cooking in British-Colombia feeding around 30 tree-planters and sleeping in my truck. I have been cooking everyday since mid-April and I should be done at the end of June when Mars turns direct. When I went to bed last night, Mars was high up in the sky glowing a fierce orangey/burnt colour.

In my dream I found myself in a busy station type place with people walking in all directions. I kept walking and ended up in a garden having drinks and decadent desserts with two well dressed upper class women. It was an opulent garden with marble everywhere and it felt like we were high above the world. I could see the blue sky in the distance and the landscape was  filled with orchards and birds. The air was warm and pleasant and there was an overall sense of ease. I asked one of the women where…

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Ms D and Mr B – it’s all about Communication




The relationship of Ms D and Mr B is all about communication and the honest expression of feelings and the good news is that all the ingredients are present for this to go very well – however just make sure that you don’t ignore other key aspects of your relationship, especially the physical – otherwise it may well have difficulty standing the test of time.

d and b composite

Grand trine – Jupiter, Moon, Uranus

Composite Moon suggests how honestly you express your emotions with each other – and with Composite Jupiter in trine (easy aspect) this probably goes well. The sympathy you share with each other will likely have a positive, morally uplifting effect for you both.

At the same time please understand that with Composite Uranus in the mix, you’ll need to  deal with each other in new and usual ways; certain attributes like stability and predictability found in conventional relationships may well be…

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Mr B – the new friend of Ms D – how does he stack up?!


UnknownSummary – Mr B is a dynamic, sexy, highly romantic, manipulative man who is not keen on facing, much less sharing, his feelings. Refusing to play by ordinary rules, he  always gets what he wants regardless of the consequences. Although disarmingly charming, by nature, Mr is a cautious, controlled man. He is unafraid of taking personal responsibility. If he says that he’ll do something, you can be certain that he will will do it; equally if you fail to live up to his expectations, you’ll not hear the end of it.

Natal Chart Configurations for Mr B (birth time unknown, chart set for noon)

Mr BGrand Fire Trine (Venus, Neptune, Moon) – here is a guy who will set your heart on fire – not only is he seductively sexy, but also a true romantic. For him, just the feeling of being in love is enough; his world is one of poetic beauty and harmonious…

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The Curious Case of Ms C (continued) & Her Fiery Mars


VenusLeoThings are heating up between Ms C and the certain Mr A (the subject of the prior post) and from what I’ve heard, she probably thinks that she’s winning in regards to her ‘man-eater’ role.

Let’s see what several predictive astrological techniques (birth time unknown, noon chart used) have to say:

Summary – If Ms C is to achieve her objectives during 2016-17, she needs to keep a cool head –learn to negotiate nicely, compromise, suggest win-win strategies. But this is going to be difficult, not the least because at the moment, she’s more prone that usual to be ‘hot-heated’ in order to express her ego desires. Ms C is being called upon to act responsibly during this period and if she’s unable to do so, she’s likely to find herself displaced and lonely; changes in job, home, and/or emotional relationships are indicated.



Firdaria is a classical technique…

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What’s Preventing You From Moving Forwards? Cards Revealed :)

Mother Earth Astrology & Natural Healing

If you haven’t yet picked a card and would like to give this a go, you can find the original post here

Here are the cards and their meanings 🙂

Bush Flower Essence Choice Mars Retrograde RevealedCard One: Sturt Desert Rose

Are you allowing feelings of guilt to hold you back from what you really want to be doing?

Guilt is a toxic emotion that can keep us in our own internal chains.

What are you feeling guilty about? Is this a valid emotional response or is it something that you have picked up in childhood – perhaps from a parent that always felt guilty, perhaps from messages you received from your caretakers? Perhaps from feeling different to your peers?

Giving to the self or acting on behalf of the self is not selfish if it does no harm to others. Often when we choose acts of self-care we empower others to do the same.


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Today’s transits – May 30, 2016 – Monday

minute astrologer


Approaching Grand Cross at mid degrees involving Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun, including the new Moon on June 4th.
Time for widespread breakdown under stressful challenges involving humanity’s poor, migration, alchemy and technology.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                    Pisces @ 25 deg.
Sun                       Gemini @ 09 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Taurus @ 16 deg.
Venus                 Gemini @ 07 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 28 deg. (Retrograde until June 29th)

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 13 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 13 deg. (Retrograde until August 13th)
Uranus    …

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