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Daily Forecast : Horoscope – March 1st, 2017

Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Forecast based on Signs for March 1st, 2017

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

  • Low feeling, day may not give fruitful results. Resulting irritation feeling or confrontation. Avoid such behaviour.
  • Period for achievement is good, may in coming time.
  • Children will be doing well.
  • Recognition will be better, enjoy this moment but avoid confrontation.
  • Laziness must be ignored. Check your expenses and conversation.

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You can be more about your needs, and not aware of the needs of others. Toot toot slow the train and acknowledge those who need you now. When it comes to relationship you need to watch your emotional self. Because your emotional self can talk you into commitments or things you don’t want to do . Don’t let people guilt you .

Watch your emotional self today , you can be a bit quiet and repressing your true feelings to a situation. For some of you things can come to a blow because this is a built of things that…

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01/03/2017 Daily Grind

Journey by the sea

Wednesday 1st March, 2017.

The Moon in Pisces conjunts Neptune in Pisces.

Mars in Aries semisextiles Chiron in Pisces.

The Moon in Pisces conjunts Neptune in Pisces. This is totally different feel than yesterday. Today is very very  ethereal in nature, and is great day  for intuitive people, mediums , emotions breakdowns, spiritual enlightenment and manifestation work. However  before you manifest, be aware on what you want, and  do the work on what you want to manifest. What are your hopes and dreams?  What do you what to get out of life? What are you really put on this earth to do as a service? Today will help and guide you to discover that.  The Moon and Neptune in Pisces  can be lovely  for mysticism, compassion selfless service, spirituality and creativity! Yet…  it’s not so great for boundaries, sigh.. we may find that we may not be present or struggle…

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Working with Your Lunar Nodes


unknownThe nodes are oft associated with karma and reincarnation – the South Node representing what you’ve accomplished in past lives (both good and bad) and the North Node representing what you are meant to accomplish during your present incarnation. But even if you don’t believe in karma or reincarnation, you can still benefit from working with your nodes.

Consider that the South Node represents energy with which it’s easy for you to work while the North Node represents not just challenges but also opportunities to develop new skills, attitudes, and perspectives.

In my chart, the (mean) nodal axis is Capricorn/Cancer suggesting that while I can easily handle domestic situations (family, home, and all things Cancerian), I’m challenged when it comes to my worldly ambitions.untitled

Despite my apparently ‘successful’ 30 plus year career in international tax law, I can assure you that I have been challenged – each and every step that I…

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Void Moon; Annual Sun / Neptune and rare Jupiter opposition Uranus

Eyes of Heaven


Please stay grounded during the first day of the month. If you are easily able to ‘escape’ this world, please visualize a tether to your body so your consciousness knows how to come home. It is not a day to indulge in excesses of alcohol or other substances. Study various spiritual texts for insights.

Another aspect of Jupiter to Uranus is that solutions to legal dilemmas may be revealed with a twist.

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The Alpha & the Omega-Mar 1

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Wednesday morning brings a bit of wounding from a man or our own motivations and actions. By evening (EST) we adjust our subconscious expressions to better relate. And then we have some clarity around the area of our lives where there is dissolving going on.

At 9:31am Mars at 23:52 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 22:53 Pisces.

A bit of pain to go with our actions. If you feel the pain, simply remember it is only energy and you can choose how you respond to it.

At 7:21pm Mercury at 7:16 Pisces Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 22:16 Libra.

Here we will be expressing some of what Jupiter is doing here in Libra. He is expanding our ability to relate so that we don’t keep it so personal to just one-on-one ‘relationships’ of the 2 of us against the world. Mercury is nearing the degree of the Solar Eclipse and may…

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VENUS Retro 2017 (March 4 – April 15): Re-Emergence of the INNER Goddess <3

Melanie's Astro~News

The VENUS Retro ‘Season’ is ON!

Birth of Venus, by Italian Renaissance painter S. Botticelli

VENUS presently the ‘Evening Star’, will go ‘into the underworld’ to regenerate herself as the Morning Star!

VENUS is now stationary in mid ARIES, and will go retro (inwards-backwards) on March 4 (until Apr 15).
This cosmic process will help us shift from being so Other-oriented (VENUS ‘Evening Star’ has a LIBRA undertone: pleasing, comparing, copying, judging) to finding our Intrinsic Value, and naturally attract from there (VENUS ‘Morning Star has a TAURUS undertone)!

The VENUS retro phase happens only every 18 months (last one July 25 – Sept 6, 2015).

With VENUS ‘cruising’ now in mid ARIES, close to MARS / URANUS, the inner and outer Feminine is raw, authentic, pro-active, and fresh in every moment – which IS attractive.

With VENUS’s slowing down period now (in pre-retro stationary…

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Post-Ecliptic Venus Station

Birth of Venus Astrology

Image: Rene Magritte

So, here we are on the other side of the Ecliptic – a highly creative seed period between two eclipses (Feb 10-Feb 25), which usually lends itself to big changes, or lays the foundation for major shifts ahead over the next 6 months.  any interesting developments my pretties?  And your little dogs, too?

The Leo eclipse on February 10 was entry into new Era, but not without a hint of the past lurking in the background as Venus had begun her station slowdown to go retrograde already in fellow fire sign Aries.  The venusian journey begins this weekend… cue the re-entry of exlovers ( yes eyebrows raising), old business associates, unearthed creative potential and biz ideas once shelved due to off timing.  Basically, a total overhaul of your relationships and finances.  SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT?  See you in June… The vibe in general is Aries af right now…

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Mardis Gras, updates of this week

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Post Pisces Solar Eclipse mayhem. We’re still in it until the first sliver of the New Moon.


I quite liked the MARS/ERIS/URANUS in ARIES /JUPITER in LIBRA opposition.

I had a lucid dream with Ryan Gosling in it last night. He was very nice and wanted to help me. 

It’s the Last day of FEBRUARY.  It’s TUESDAY, this is MARS’ DAY and fittingly the Moon is in ARIES, MARS’s sign.

The aspects are easy today. ARIES moon conjuncts VENUS. 

That’s it. You deserve a break. It won’t last long. Take it while you can.

March 1st

The Aries MOON makes cardinal crosses to PLUTO in CAPRICORN conjuncts URANUS ERIS and MARS in ARIES, opposes JUPITER in LIBRA and trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS. 

The MOON goes Void of course at 6:18 pm PDT

It’s fiery and watery.

fire and water elements Tara Greene

SUN conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES this is an annual, once…

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Tarot Contemplation – The High Priestess

Hālau 'Aha Hui Lānākila


This personal mantra comes into play, especially today:  “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of my morning Green Smoothie that thoughts acquire speed, my pineal gland acquires Sight. The Sight becomes my portal. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.”

A bit of levity to begin your day ensures you step into your day on a positive, higher vibration … and you get the idea that it reinforces development of self-awareness.  What you most need to know today you will find within yourself.  Answers will come to you if you can quiet your mind.  Seek a quiet, solitary place and just listen to the voice that comes from deep inside you.  Trust your Inner Wisdom.  Spend time in Solitude and silence.  Pay attention to your dreams.  Trust your intuition.  Notice synchronicity as you go through…

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