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Vintage Navy Humor: Handy Jack


Nina’s Surrender.

NSFW. Very naught story.

Naughty Noir Novels

nina's surrender

“Alright, I am! I am!” Her legs were separated about as far as they could go and she was bent at right angles to the wall. “You’ll pay for a new skirt, do you know that!”

I reached down for the sodden crotch of her knickers and grabbed them at the cleft of her body. She twitched as my hand entered that forbidden region. “Not those. I mean, I can just take them off and—”

Can you believe that? After losing such an expensive garment and making it her business to tell me about it, she still wanted to protect the tiniest, most inexpensive bit of cloth on her body.


We both know it’s not about protecting the knickers. It’s about preserving the last line of defence. A controlled surrender offers dignity. I wasn’t interested in providing dignity, not to Nina. Those gates of hers were coming down r.

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Images 1/11/15

Follow The Money

Du Juan for Vogue China. She is touted as the “first Chinese international supermodel”.

du juan for Vogue China..she is touted as the “first Chinese international supermodel”..quick learners..



Canadian singing duo Lennon & Maisy signed with Disney

young canadian singing duo lennon and maisy who have also signed a contract with disney..monarch butterflies..shhh..


they all just died..note the skull and cross bones on bubba..

1926 Eugenics Exhibit

history..from a eugenics display in the 1930’s i believe..

adriana lima

adriana lima..brazilian model..victorias secret..


uh huh..adriana again..




“trust us”


disgusting watermark splashed like graffiti onto one of our indigenous’ most sacred sites..


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Blown Away ~ A duet

Wet Bliss

Written by: Lino Robles & WetBliss



Take off the edge with a little head
Before we drop the hit then tumble in bed
I feel your every touch & breath
with each jaw jacking sound that you said


Cocked it like a rifle
back & forth with her finger on the trigger,
so I shoved the barrel down her throat
eyes watering, choked and stifled


Vibrating against the polished shaft
tongue swirling, ready to blast
a shooting spree covering the perimeter
I sprayed in her mouth like a sprinkler


She asked do you like how i make it dissappear
like magic down here
with Quentin Tarantino esq cinematics
this goes quickly from regular to outlandish
with every lick
she commands a salute from my dick

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