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Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries – Self-expression without compromise

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Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries

Mercury conjunct Venus will happen on March 18th, 2017 at 12:26:43 UT (07:26:43 EST) in tropical Aries, sidereal and constellational Pisces.

These two planets are never more than 76 arcdegrees apart, therefore they can only form the conjunctions, semi-sextiles, semi-squares, sextiles and quintiles but not the square, trine nor opposition.

The conjunction between Aries Mercury and Aries Venus often ’makes’ the person cheerful and companionable with a good-natured disposition and a desire for society. It also ’gives’ the ability for music and poetry, but it is a pretty characteristic indication in the radix charts of highly gifted inventors / reformers in science, technics or art, as well as it may endow people with idealistic thought or missionary zeal.  Without grave disharmonic aspects, if these planets are not staying in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, this is a general indication of success in salesmanship for such people can be very…

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Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury enters Aries – March 13, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

The pace of the conversation picks up and your karma is definitely on the move. Relationships of all types are up for review, likely because Venus is retrograde, but during Mercury in Aries, you will be required to make a solid decision regarding one of them. This is something which could crop up suddenly which needs your attention, however, you know the drill. Keep your emotions balanced and your thoughts mature; the slightest sign of movement leaves you chomping at the bit to rush in head first.

There is victory over an emotional betrayal, but it may not be entirely personal. In actuality, it may be achieved by someone else on your behalf. This is a positive moment; healing is necessary to overcome the pain. Opportunity awaits and calculated judgment on your part is necessary; do not forget to consult yourinner voice as well, as it likely has some…

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Weekly Tarot Guidance – March 13 through 19, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

This week Mercury enters Aries for the next two weeks. That’s all you say? It is significantly sandwiched between last week (Mars in Taurus, Full Moon in Virgo) and next week (Spring/Autumn Equinox and Sun in Aries). So, essentially this is the last week of the astrological year. Now to get to the beginning! Listen to your Weekly Tarot Guidance below:

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Last Week’s Tarot Guidance:

March Love and Finance Tarot Guidance on YouTube:

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Full Moon in Virgo, March 12, 2017

Libra Seeking Balance

Full Moon in Sagittarius

After the pair of eclipses, a nice ordinary lunation is quite welcome even if it is on the uncomfortable side. The two eclipses were dominated by cardinal fire but the Full Moon at 22° 13′ Virgo on 12 March 2017, 07:54 AM PDT offers the water and earth signs an opportunity to present their side of the story from a fluid, mutable point of view.

The luminaries are caught up with the Jupiter in Libra-Uranus in Aries opposition via semi-sextiles and inconjuncts. An awkward rectangle is created between the four planets and finding a way to resolve the dissonance created by this pattern probably won’t happen. Additionally Pluto in Capricorn harmoniously aspects the Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon while widely squaring the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. If we want to sell our ideas, base those on good, well documented information rather than flashy, bold theories, and if those ideas benefit those who…

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Full Moon in Virgo – Practical and Stable….even when the Sun is in Pisces


There’s a full moon in Virgo at 22 degrees on March 12, 2017.  Virgo is an earth sign.  Practical, particular, organized, structured.  Meticulous.  The sun is in Pisces – the opposite of Virgo. Pisces is watery, emotional, intuitive.   So we have that. Any time there is a full moon, it is in the opposite sign of where the sun is.

All full moons have a lot of energy.  Culmination, finishing, completion.  Fulfillment.  What to discard and let go of. Given that this one is in Virgo, we are being encouraged to be practical where we need to be.  Welcome structure in our lives in the areas that genuinely need structure.  Get any health issues checked into and figured out.

Chiron, the “wounded healer” is in Pisces.  Chiron issues (to me) are issues from our childhood that we carry around with us. That seem to haunt us at the most…

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Howl at the Full Moon Today!

"Just Another BlaH BlaH BlaH BloG."

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Full Moon Virgo with an emphasis on Pisces today!
A time of healing~

FULL MOON moves into the sign of Virgo,
the archetype of the virgin whose original meaning was
a free woman or a woman onto herself.

Holy and whole onto herself,
she is the medicine woman within each of us
who knows that by healing herself she heals the world.

She is the Corn Mother who is able to
separate the wheat from the shaft
and helps us focus on what actually matters.

She brings offerings of remembrance
of our indelible connection to
Mother Earth as our Source.
She knows that devotion to the Sacred
ritualizes the mundane and changes worlds.

She calls to us to recalibrate and restore
as we rise into our real work.

Blessings and love!

Mantra: I am a wise authority of my life, I connect. I love.

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