Some Sextiles with your Coffee-Apr 16

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Saturday night through Sunday night brings us productive clarity around our motivations and the wounding side of the Apr 30th Heartbreak Transit.

At 9:37pm on Saturday night the Sun at 26:19 Aries Semi-Sextiled Mars at 26:19 Taurus.

This aspect is the first part of a 5-way aspect between Sun, Venus, Mars and Chiron each of 26+degrees of the Sign they are Transiting. This first aspect aspect brought clarity around our motivations to acquire and our own personal will.

At 4:25am the Sun at 26:35 Aries Semi-Sextiled Chiron at 26:35 Pisces.

Any aspects to Chiron (or Saturn, too) can shed some light on the 2nd Saturn/Chiron Square sometimes called a ‘Heartbreak Transit.’ The Sun brought some clarity on how to seek your own goals no matter what is going on that may be painful, disappointing, shameful, guilt-ful, or an emotional tug-of-war, etc.

At 7:24am Mars at 26:35 Taurus Sextiled Chiron…

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