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Debatable News

Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more

We focus on the more controversial news.  Almost all of the content is in the form of “reblogs” from other sources.  Just because we reblog it does NOT mean we endorse it, agree with it, or even thing it is legitimate.  We do NO fact checking, so you are “own your own” regarding the question of veracity.  What we do is echo out to our readers the most controversial, and sometimes “crazy,” news that we can find.  (Some of it is quite mainstream, and some of it is not.)

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Risque Bizness: A Spinoff

Risque Bizness: Enter at Your Own Risque

This blog is a spinoff from Lost Dudeist Astrology.  We are moving our NSFW / Erotic poems, stories, nude pictures, pinups and similar material here.  Most of our visual material will tend to be lingerie shots and vintage pinups with the occasional nudes.  We are not posting hardcore pornography.  As an aside, all (or almost all) of the material will be “reblogs” aggregated from other sources.

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[Pinups] Succubus – Tessa


Here’s my Halloween pinup featuring a lovely succubus!


On my Deviantart poll, I had people suggest what they wanted me to draw for a Halloween pinup. I put in Devil/Succubus, Catgirl, Witch, Ghost, Werewolf, and Zombie for choices. Eventually it was Devil/Succubus that got most votes, and that didn’t really surprise me (since my devil/succubus pinups are some of my most popular ones). I do have to say that it’s been quite a while since I last drew a devil girl or succubus.

I went on drawing a sexy succubus sitting on a tombstone. While drawing her, I remembered that I forgot to add “Vampire” as one of the choices on my poll, so I thought I might as well give her some fangs. And because I think she looks good with them! Rather odd but I was going to make her green skinned, but I ditched that in favor…

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