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Wednesday, April 29th, the Moon begins the day in Cancer, goes void-of-course at 2:29 PM and remains void until 8:06 PM when Luna enters Leo and is no longer void-of-course. Moon trine Neptune, 2:12 AM: This aspect should help us sleep more soundly and allow us to connect to the dream world more easily. […]

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Daily Panchang – April 29th, 2020 Vaishakh Month of hindu calendar, 6th day – Shashthi, Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Punarvasu and will be till 02:01 Hrs (IST) on 30-04-2020, Moon will move in Pushya nakshtra at 02:01 Hrs (IST) on 30-04-2020.

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2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects

Irregular Oracle

2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects


Today is effectively two days compacted into one, and arguable three.  Before 2:27 PM CDT, Moon is in Cancer and has a number of statements to make.  Moon in Cancer is the strongest possible position for the Moon, so we need to pay attention.  Chances are good that we will have some kind of shift involving the petroleum industry.

But after the void, things go sideways.  Some prosper and some do not.

Moon enters Leo, and stays in “too early to tell” (as the horary practitioners call the early degrees of a sign) through the end of the day (midnight).

Mercury (Helio) forms seven (7) aspects.  Five are in the novile and undecile family (moments of brief but intense insight), one is a quintile to Hygeia (indicating…

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If you are new to astrology, you learn pretty quickly that there are numerous ways to interpret your own natal chart. From which Zodiacal positions you use to which house system you employ to whether or not you include the three outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto or the many asteroids floating around in […]

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Some of your points are similar to comments I added to the previous re-blog (the one your post follows).  I believe you are completely on target: because they are writing to meet the demands of an audience, certain forecasters have problems inherently built into their forecasts.

And God forbid my father reads this – he’s an astrologer and he’d be very heartbroken. But really, I check my monthly, weekly, sometimes even daily horoscope from multiple sources just so I can prepare for what life has in store for me and not once did they give me a warning about what’s happening […]

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Good points.  But newspaper astrologers never publish bad news; they would lose their readership.  And they do not provide long term forecasts for the same reason: they need people to read every day to make money.  And you are right about those who make long term forecasts making the wrong interpretation.  They need to admit that they got it wrong.  I do.

See, also:  (2017) “A Followup to a few Election Predictions….

Also: “A Few Predictions that do not require astrology (2017 et seq, Presidential Politics)

(2 out of 3, but you were right that it was a virus and  not a war, at least not YET, as of April , 2020.  I note that I was almost wrong about the recession, what I described as a “particularly bad ‘crash’ is facing us after a dishwater tepid ‘recovery.‘”  Where it will go remains to be seen.  But U.S. Presidents, as a collective, have historically entered wars after recessions.)

One other thing, “skeptics” love to shoot at astrologers and their predictions.  But “experts” in more mundane channels (aka “pundits”) tend to have MISERABLE performance records.  I encourage to explore beyond the boundaries of astrology to see just how bad their performances can be:

The fact of the matter is that all of these, both newspaper astrologers and “mainstream media” pundits, have to address the biases and desires of their respective audiences.  If they do not write the kinds of things their audiences want to hear, then they lose money.

See, also: “Confirmation bias” and “Demand Characteristics.”

One other thing, I began re-blogging the work of other astrologers (and, later, tarot card readers, numerologists, and others) so that the READER could decide for themselves what they did, or did not, believe.  No one personality dominates, not even my own.

Your article is well-written.  And I do not think it is “wrong” except for this one important problem: singling out astrologers for this kind of behavior is unfair when virtually all others in the media do the same thing, albeit without interpretations of “the stars.”

One last link: “Overall, the “experts” struggled to perform better than ‘dart-throwing chimps’, and were consistently less accurate than even relatively simple statistical algorithms. This was true of liberals and conservatives, and regardless of professional credentials.” (Just in case the link breaks: Source: Harvard Business Review.)

I could write more, but I need to take a break so that I can go hunt for my dart board.




Libra Moon shows you through others (external) where you feel powerless and how to bring that back to balance. Full Moon in air sign Libra, communication, conversation and information, will be important to the future path ahead. Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries, the axes of me and others, it’s what’s outside of you, […]

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Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries – Self-expression without compromise

Astrology Software 2021

Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries

Mercury conjunct Venus will happen on March 18th, 2017 at 12:26:43 UT (07:26:43 EST) in tropical Aries, sidereal and constellational Pisces.

These two planets are never more than 76 arcdegrees apart, therefore they can only form the conjunctions, semi-sextiles, semi-squares, sextiles and quintiles but not the square, trine nor opposition.

The conjunction between Aries Mercury and Aries Venus often ’makes’ the person cheerful and companionable with a good-natured disposition and a desire for society. It also ’gives’ the ability for music and poetry, but it is a pretty characteristic indication in the radix charts of highly gifted inventors / reformers in science, technics or art, as well as it may endow people with idealistic thought or missionary zeal.  Without grave disharmonic aspects, if these planets are not staying in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, this is a general indication of success in salesmanship for such people can be very…

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Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury enters Aries – March 13, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

The pace of the conversation picks up and your karma is definitely on the move. Relationships of all types are up for review, likely because Venus is retrograde, but during Mercury in Aries, you will be required to make a solid decision regarding one of them. This is something which could crop up suddenly which needs your attention, however, you know the drill. Keep your emotions balanced and your thoughts mature; the slightest sign of movement leaves you chomping at the bit to rush in head first.

There is victory over an emotional betrayal, but it may not be entirely personal. In actuality, it may be achieved by someone else on your behalf. This is a positive moment; healing is necessary to overcome the pain. Opportunity awaits and calculated judgment on your part is necessary; do not forget to consult yourinner voice as well, as it likely has some…

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MONDAY NIGHT 10PM EST PRAYER SESSION http://www.youtube.com/c/mrsmoreful/live


With this energy you get things done. You can be more focus on your responsibilities or goals with this energy. A great time to learn something new because you are more wiling to focus on the task at hand. A great day for business, you can start on money making ideas or projects . For some of you focusing more on what your good at


For some of you , you could have a turn of events in your home life. For some of you problems with roommates or this can be dealing with custody battles today. With this energy you need…

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Full Moon February 2017 (Lunar Eclipse: Leo Moon + Aquarius Sun)


Full Moon February 2017 (Lunar Eclipse: Leo Moon + Aquarius Sun)

Headline: In addition to being a Full Moon and Eclipse with a comet (!), this FM has a complex set of patterns, some relatively rare, that bring important opportunities that can be realized if you make the right decisions and form the right alliances.  Additionally, a thief is lurking (might be a time waster or maybe an ACTUAL thief), so be careful!

A few months have past since our last “real” astrology post (other than something I started on Lost Dudeist involving an old cold case murder), and we are overdue to put some of our own work up.  This FM is interesting, with the Moon near the important fixed star of Regulus (i.e. the “Regulator” and associated with kings and royalty and sometimes downfalls) as well as a number of patterns.  We will focus mainly on the charts…

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Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A mystical rectangular pyramid configuration is in the sky during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on 11th Feb 2017!


lunar-eclipse-on-11th-feb-2017-in-leo-2228Time quoted in Singapore local time

With any lunar eclipse, the effects can be felt up to a month or two before and the energies will be active until the next lunar eclipse in August 2017.

Two hard/challenging aspects of this configuration (represented by two red lines in the picture):

Jupiter – Uranus opposition: Inner conflicts surrounding …
– Having an idealistic or impractical vision when diving into the future
– Being impatient and indecisive while being open to the unexpected or while trying something different
– Getting to the truth while having a balanced sense of autonomy and compromise without swinging to extremes

Interestingly, this configuration can also result in us having sudden glimpses or direct connect unexpected connection with God or your deity.

Sun – Moon opposition: Inner conflicts surrounding …
– Changing goals and drives pertaining to self-expression and personal recognition versus social interest and goals, or…

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Venus in Aries,Hot Love

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Venus enters ARIES Feb 3, 2017 @ 7:51 am PST/ 10:51 am EST/ 3:51 pm GMT  where she is an Amazon love bomb in MARS sign, He’s been waiting for her.

Venus and Mars art Tara Greene

Joachim Anthonisz. 1566 – 1638 MARS,VENUS AND CUPID

Yes, this girl is on fire. VENUS in ARIES is a warrior Goddess, like DURGA on her white Lion, or Quan Yin and her dragon {who appeared to me in a healing ceremony}.Durga Page of Wands/Tarot card reader Tara GreeneLike popular media – all the new female super heroes, SUPERGIRL, Xena, Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, Katniss Everdeen or ancient Goddesses Diana or Athena, Goddess of War, Brigid- she is fierce, fearless, strong, risk-taker who fights back and Demands HER RIGHTS! She belongs to no man.

The recent Women’s march the largest single day march ever in the entire world is just the beginning. As the Dalai Lama said “Western women will save the world.” We will. Never mind trump…

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