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don't confuse the narrator

Tomorrow is the first day of August and we’re well into the period corresponding to the astrological sign of Leo. So I’m posting a photo of this rather lovely – and, I think, benignly superior and suitably august – lion, which I found in one of the local churches.

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Sun in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius: Integrity



Trying to figure out what integrity means, and then what symbolizes it astrologically was not an easy task for me. I hold integrity high on my list of values, but to define it, I looked to a few online dictionaries.

One of the definitions is, “the quality of being honest and fair, and an example is, She had the integrity to refuse to compromise on matters of principle.”

I like that.

So what symbolizes honesty and fairness in astrology?

It’s Leo season, since the Sun continues its journey in Leo, so that’s where I thought first. Leo is the sign of the lion, the king of beasts, dispenser of justice, fair and equitable at least ideally. The idea of being honest and fair goes with that. And it requires courage, the heart quality Leo also symbolizes.

Today, the Sun is trine Saturn in Sagittarius, and thinking of being impartial and…

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Pholus in Astrology

Cristina Laird's Astrology

I’ve been wanting to write about Pholus for a while now, and it seems that at this moment when this asteroid is in a square to the other Centaur, Chiron, who is more popular than Pholus, is the right moment. We have had a very upsetting week with young people causing the death of innocents in the name of a disturbing allegiance to Isis. Something is exploding or erupting from the collective unconscious through individuals who appear to “take the lid off the pressure cooker” of the unconscious, from which, resentment, revenge, hatred, frustration, etc. seem to emerge.  At the moment when all this is happening, there is a  Pholus-Chiron square, two Centaurs, of the trilogy of the known centaurs.

Chiron was discovered in 1977, which caused us to question what it really was, perhaps a comet? o an asteroid? big enough to give it a name. But in 1992…

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New Moon in Leo

Astrology Software 2021

Sun in Leo

New Moon. ☉ ☌ ☽ in (tropical) ♌ indicates generally a highly intuitive, ambitious and strong-willed individual who can subordinate love of ease, instincts and lower emotions to certain consciously undertaken goal-directed activities to reach an ideal, depending on the spiritual maturity, in social, political, scientific, humanitarian or metaphysical field. Famous people with (☉☌☽) : ♌ in their radix chart: Franz Joseph I of Austria, Jean Piaget, Peter O’Toole, Charlize Theron  More Info

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URANUS RETROGRADE, July 30 til December 29, 2016

Cristina Laird's Astrology

URANUS has started its motion RETROGRADE yesterday which will be until it stations direct again on 29 December 2016 – half year of retrograde for this extraordinary planet, whose energies describe our need for freedom and independence, our fight against what is established, our need to be part of herd but at the same time feel out of it. Uranus is what gives us the “Aha”! moments as well as the ideas that  will help us change our life or when suddenly, for example in therapy, in a moment we see with clarity the knot of our dilemma and we actually go: “Ohh”. That kind of intermittent energy which drives us to bring about change or get rid of self-imposed habits created by our family or our culture, as well as the self-secured chains for security, that is URANUS. In transit, Uranus moves about 5 ° per year and half…

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Leo New Moon,may the force…Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

New Moon’s are always times of new beginnings in the monthly cycle. La Luna, call her Goddess Diana or Selene, has withdrawn into her own cosmic womb space for three days to rest and renew Herself. We are in the Dark or Black Moon times; very intuitive, magical, especially feminine and receptive. These three days are the most mystery filled time of the month. We are in the void, safe in the dark, receptive non-knowing space.

black panther astrology tara greene

This Leo New Moon carries the energies of a witch’s familiar, a black cat’s energy which deflects negative energy.  The New Moon is at 10+ degrees LEO involves our hearts and our wills. This is a very erotic dramatic joyful playful black panther energy. Call on the power of the panther into your life, a super powerful shamanic animal.

 The New Moon day begins with a very fiery positive BANG as MARS re-enters Sagittarius for…

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Six things to do when Mercury is in Virgo

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Mercury enters its home sign of VIRGO July 30 where communications, details and accountability rules. Where getting the job done perfectly is all that matters. This is good as it help us get our minds refocussed back to the daily ordinary humdrum stuff. Virgo, the 6th sign, is hard working, serving others and humble. Yes they can be nerds. Bernie Sanders is a Virgo.

EARLY MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT August 30 -Sept. 21 Fall Equinox is the 22nd.

August 30 -sept. 21 Fall Equinox is on the 22nd.

Mercury Retrograde will have us rethinking, retooling and reperfectting though September’s ECLIPSE season.

VIRGO the Virgin is the largest Constellation, She is THE Great GODDESS the Divine Mother.

Virgo astrology, weekend Tara Greene

6 things to be sure to focus on with Mercury in VIRGO


Health is wealth and very important to Virgo. You are what you eat. Beneficial time to do a cleanse, especially as we…

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Archangel Raphael healing connection

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Connect with Archangel Raphael’s heart healing energy now. This is facilitated through the planet MERCURY, the messenger of the Gods as it crosses the zero degree of VIRGO.
This degree marks one of the four major Archangels and the Fixed Star Regulus, traditionally called “The heart of the Lion.”  This Star brings courage, will power, strength and fortitude. 

Raphael’s energy is very beautiful and loving as he signifies the Heart Chakra. Raphael emits a deep emerald-green ray of healing light emanating from his heart.
Do meditate with Archangel Raphael today and on LAMMAS August 1st

Archangel Raphael Regulus Astrology tara Greene

How to connect with ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL

All you have to do is center yourself, sit straight or lie down. Close your eyes and breath deeply and naturally. Take 4 deep breaths, exhaling through your nose. Send your intention and your awareness down into your heart chakra. Call upon Angel Raphael to connect with you in your heart…

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Sleep – Who Needs It

jbuss Astrology

With Uranus Standing Still as I write this, I’d usually be telling folks not to worry if they aren’t Sleeping, because when Uranus is Strong, our Creativity is Strong as well, so Inspiration is often stronger than the need for regular Sleep.  Of course, if we let our Shoulds override our Wannas, we’ll try to Sleep a regular schedule anyway, and end up exhausted. 

I have several close friends with Uranus prominent in their Natalities (birth charts), and with Uranus lit up a lot for the last five years, they’ve been finding themselves lucky to be able to Sleep much at all.  But the last few nights?  They been Sleeping like babes – a good example of how astrology often acts homeopathically!  We can identify a dimension (Sleep, Creativity), but not a Direction (lots or not much).

Stephen Buhner, in his Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the…

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