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Bipolar Disorder and Sleep – A “How To”

Whether you are bipolar or not, adequate good quality sleep is important to preserving health.  We suspect that this is problematic for anyone with a mental health diagnosis.

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How to Sleep with Bipolar Disorder

Discover the dangers of not getting enough sleep and how to get better sleep if you’re suffering from bipolar disorder.

“Adequate sleep is considered one of the three major physical necessities of overall good health. The others are a nutritious diet and regular exercise.”

“Having good overall health can only help someone who is dealing with a chronic illness, especially one like bipolar disorder, which can drastically change someone’s sleep patterns.”

“Getting the right amount of sleep is one of the biggest challenges that bipolar people face. Manic people can go on little or no sleep for lengthy periods, while people in the grips of bipolar depression might have trouble either getting too much sleep or not sleeping at all.”

“Going without sleep, either intentionally or accidentally, can even kick someone into a manic episode.”

“Figuring out how to get the right amount of…

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