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Beauty tips as per your zodiac

5 Day Photo/Story Challenge, Day 4

Jennifer Calvert Author

I have been challenged by the wonderful Rich at Waffle Me This, to the 5 day photo story challenge.

Today is day four. I’m really enjoying this challenge. Today I am using an old photo. I had a busy work day and didn’t get a chance to take a photograph. But the words are from today.
Thanks Rich. I appreciate the nomination and I’m really excited about this challenge!

Challenge Guidelines:

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to your image.

*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominates another blogger

J.Calvert Image J.Calvert Image

The Road

The road I drive,
Takes me to place of tired eyes,
And heavy heart,
I want to turn around,
Desert this town,
Go west, head to the hills,
Hideaway Mountain by the stream,
Turn around, to the east, for the beach,
Is where I’ll be found,
Frolicking in…

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The Science behind Rahu & Ketu

Food for Thought

Rahu and Ketu, in other words, are the lunar nodes (points) formed at the two intersections of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun in zodiac).

(Image courtesy: Google search)

The ascending node or the node where the moon crosses to the north of the ecliptic is called the North Node, a.k.a. the Dragon’s head or Rahu. The descending node or the node where the moon crosses to the south of the ecliptic is called the South Node, a.k.a. the Dragon’s tail or Ketu.

The lunar nodes play an important role in the formation of eclipses. Eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are near the lunar nodes.

(Image courtesy: Google search)

Solar eclipse occurs when the angular distance between the Sun and the Moon is almost zero degrees and near one of the nodes (i.e. the…

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Planetary retrogression effects on daily life…

Food for Thought

It’s been a while since I’ve actually been in touch with Astrology, one of the most enchanting subjects of Mystery. My friend has been sharing these articles on planetary retrogression and their effects and their duration of retrogression. 

I was wondering if I could share those information and get feedback from anybody who is interested in this subject, as to how their life experiences have been on those particular days. It builds more inquisitiveness about the subject and also gives us an opportunity to actually observe our day to day experiences. This process will actually help me and anybody, as a student to understand astrology better, more in a practical manner.

I wish to elaborate that one has to understand that the effects will definitely vary from person to person. It is like the concentration of salt or sugar in water determines the time or temperature required to bring the…

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December Horoscopes

Weise Owl

Aries Moon and Rising:  December finds you chafing under social obligations. Chanel that antsy energy into moving meditations. No, I mean it! Uranus goes direct in Aries on December 21st and the best way to be prepared for the shock jock of the zodiac is to be 100 percent on your game.

Taurus Moon and Rising:  Enjoy the indoor comforts of Winter and possibly some revved up romance around the Solstice. Avoid getting caught up in other people’s holiday bustle. Focus on staying in the moment by taking the occasional secret whiff off the Christmas tree or scented candle.

Gemini Moon and Rising:  You’re like the Holiday Ninja this year. You will cartwheel through shopping, family and social interactions like actual liquid Mercury. Be nice to the rest of us, we have no idea what’s going on. Help us across the street, tell us we’re pretty and fix our remote…

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