Are we hooks for each other?

Hitchhiking Stars

These days I’ve commited the mistake of calling my ex lover. The idea came very sudden and I could not help.

I don’t know about you, but the full moon in Scorpio last Thursday was extra intense for me. There was an enormous build up of energy to be realised and I got in touch with lots and lots of resentment that was still stored somewhere within me. I also have been getting my period with the full moon and fuck,  that was intense, the so called “PMS” was strong.

Well, they call it pre menstrual syndrome, I call it full moon in Scorpio.

My yoga practice is still pretty consistent and is one of the only things that truly brings me enjoyment and puts me in high spirits.

Going back to the mistaken phone call, just to make it clear, I tried calling  only after I had my big…

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