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The Alchemist’s Beginnings

The Sacred Circle Shaman

She had been locked up in her laboratory for weeks it seemed.  The Work was all consuming.  She didn’t even have the desire to eat anymore.  The Work was nourishing every part of her body—from her cells to her spirit.  The translation she had done of the Emerald Tablet positioned on the table beside her.  Her altar with offering dish and crystal skull before her…a mantra, like the hiss of a snake, rattling on her lips, “As above…so below…as below…so above…as above…so below…”

Alchemists Table

Alchemy:  the transmutation of one thing to another;  an ancient art form that has its origins in visitation by other dimensional beings, to the people of Egypt, over 10,000 years before Christ.  Thought to explain the creation of the Creation itself, and has been known to transform a person from the inside out—Alchemy has influenced ever Western religion since their inceptions.

This diverse and complex topic has…

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Part Twenty One: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings


Horus, the Astro-Palmist

Defense www.comicvine.com ‘Protectors’ and ‘Providers’ pic source http://www.comicvine.com

This post is part of a series which discusses the nature and truth about Djinns (Jinnat), the supernatural beings. ‘Djinns’ (Jinnat), is a broad category. Part one should be studied to know about the possible types of Djinns.

In the beginning we discussed that in order to understand ‘Djinns’, we need to understand three terms. These terms have been explained in Part One & Two. Part Three discussed the dwellings of the Djinns. Part Four discussed the Food of the Djinns. Part Five discussed the social structure and general things. Part Six discussed the strongest type of Djinns, called Reptilian Aliens. Part Seven & Eight discussed what makes Humans special. Part Nine discussed how Reptilian Aliens seduce Humans. Part Ten, Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen discussed ‘Reptilian Alien’s’ technique of disruption. Part Fourteen & Fifteen discussed the ‘Reptilian Alien’s technique of distraction. Part…

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Neptune in Pisces: flooding, drowning and tidal surges in the UK

Astro-Insights Blog

Giant waves on the seafront at Seaham, County ...Neptune stationed on the 11th of November, ending its annual retrograde period, which began around 7 June 2013. For many, this came as something of a relief. Neptune’s stay in the sign of Pisces has been anything but peaceful or uneventful, especially when it comes to the sea. Since Neptune’s ingress into water-ruled Pisces in April 2011, we have seen a surge in sea piracy, large ships capsizing and/or running aground (think of the such as the Costa Concordia), as well as a rise in sea drownings off the coast of the UK and Europe, especially during Neptune’s last retrograde spell. For example, in Ireland four people drowned in separate incidents within the space of 48 hours between the 11th and 12th of July.[1]

Flooding has been another characteristic of Neptune’s stay in Pisces. Just this month, we experienced some rather alarming tidal surges off the UK coast, resulting…

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Venus in Gemini- Friendship never ends

And I’m only here
To bring you free love
Let’s make it clear
That this is free love
No hidden catch
No strings attached
Written by Venus in n Gemini Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Venus in Gemini is one of the most romantic and exciting placements for the planet of love and beauty.  I would like to dispute many of the common views of this placement.

For example, you may have heard that Venus in Gemini people get bored easily and  don’t like emotionally heavy relationships- which for some reason leads to the paranoid conclusion that they are likely to cheat.  I don’t agree with any of this nonsense, in fact Gemini is one truly romantic sign for Venus to be.  Venus at the end of the day rules not only love but also our values- what we hold dear in our hearts.

A Gemini Venus is looking for a…

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Your HORROR – Scope for the week of: Dec. 27th, 2015

Humorous Interludes by Ron Yarosh

horoscope chart

Good day, fans of tomorrow.

We present you with the last issue of your HORROR-Scope for 2015AD.

We hope use endured the past year in spite of all the horror the planets have heaved on you.

We anticipate that the year 2016 we’ll provide you with pretty much same in the way misfortune, angst, and general torment.

Our final week’s predictions include, snorkels, lice, and the ever popular, big toe.

Good luck in your efforts to overcome the influences of the stars and planets in 2016.

You’re going to need it.


Aries… Pluto is in sub-opposition now. That’s not a good sign for you. Sometime in the coming year, you will open an Argument Service For Couples. Unfortunately, you will never get further than arguing about your fees.

Taurus… Venus is semi-conjunctive at this time. That always in results in trouble. Sometime in the coming year, you…

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Hestia – Goddess of the Home, Hearth, & Altar

magick millenial


Hestia, also known by her Roman name, Vesta, resides in every home as the keeper of the flame. Although she is often overlooked and underplayed in mythology, her kind, compassionate spirit listens rather than overpowers. A quiet goddess, who never married or had children, Hestia (which literally means “hearth”) tends to the fires that warm our homes, and our hearts. And without her, we’d be living a much colder experience – both literally, and spiritually.

Hestia was the first child of Kronos and Rhea. However, her father swallowed her when she was an infant, and then regurgitated her at Zeus’ command, making her both the oldest and youngest born sibling. She is depicted as being veiled, and is often accompanied by a flowering branch or kettle.

This is fitting because Hestia oversees cooking and the preparation of the sacred family meal. During the month of November, we can honor her…

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(Extremely Powerful) Crown Chakra Awakening – 963 Hz – Theta Binaural Beats

Grand Temple of Horus Behdety

This video contains the 963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency along with 6 Hz Theta Binaural Beats for Crown Chakra Awakening.

===== General Questions =====

Q. What are Binaural Beats?

“Binaural Beats” is a term given to playing one sound frequency in one ear, and another sound frequency in the opposite ear, creating a two-tone effect in the mid-brain that is actually perceived to be one tone. This causes an “Entrainment” effect in the brain that has a variety of results depending on the frequency.

Q. What are Binaural Beats good for?

Lots of things. Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Deeper Sleep, Pain Relief, Mind Expansion, Brain Hemisphere Syncronization, and the list goes on and on.

Pretty much any element of the Mind / Body complex can be improved using Binaural Beats, which again is just Brainwave Entrainment.

Q. Do Binaural Beats Actually Work?

Indeed. Many scientific studies (especially as of late) have…

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