The 4 Elements and The Zodiac – We’re All Airbenders

Innocent and Wise

Hello, hello!

Welcome back. Happy to have you here.

I know this post is late, alright? But I’m posting on a day that starts with the letter “T” so I’m willing to call it close enough.

In case anyone is wondering about my post from last Friday, my brother is still trapped in Peru. Canada has started sending planes down but, due to the overwhelming number of Canadians there, securing a flight has been difficult.

He will get home eventually, but it will take some time.


What are we talking about today and why do I think we’re all airbenders?

Simply put, I don’t think we’re all airbenders.

That’s right, I’m contradicting myself in the first few paragraphs again.

What I’m trying to do using that word is establish what I mean when I say “elements.”

The Zodiac signs are categorized by time and, element! The same…

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