Love Life Of Pisces

Wisdom Pearls

Pisces Love

With a capacity of natural understanding which is not obtained from books or study, Pisces are intuitive and understand the meaning and truths of life better than others. They are very selfless and have a great strength of character. The ruling planet Neptune makes these people more intuitive then others and with artistic bend of mind.

Being a water sign they strive to have deep emotional bonds and empathy towards others. They tend to be dreamy, romantic and very passionate, but their approach to love can at time be very contradictory. Pisces love to be in love and can have unreasonable expectations seeking security from their partner. At the same time their freedom is dear to them and they have a general dislike of dependence on others. This nature of their’s can greatly puzzle their partner.

This is a compassionate sign. Pisces in general are caring. Because of their creative nature they are very expressive…

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