Personality Traits Of Leo

Wisdom Pearls

LeoAction oriented, self confident, impressive and with a desire to be loved and admired, Leo are born leaders. They have a magnetic personality that makes them difficult to resist. This is the sign of people who may be called as the heart force of the humanity. The zodiac sign of Leo commences on July 21st and continues until August 20th. It remains under the cusp of the previous sign of Cancer from July 21st to July 28th and comes in full strength only after that.

Leo has the ability and inkling to get above common herd of humanity, they dislike not being treated like a king or queen. They are attracted to strong personalities and will forgive any fault in the people they like so long they have individuality and purpose. Leo are usually overflowing with sympathy and are very generous in nature. They are extremely independent and do not like being controlled or…

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