Today’s Reading April 24, 2017

Monavie Voight

April 24, 2017

Accept no less than what you are willing to put into a relationship or work project today. Keep your senses tuned for the opportunity that may present itself today and then claim it as yours.

These readings are general messages from laying out three tarot cards. They are not intended as specific readings for any one person, but it may touch you and your life. If you would like more information about my work and to inquire about a personal reading for yourself, please visit my website:

Information provided is not intended to substitute for informed professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, tax, legal, investment, accounting, or other professional advice. If you submit a question or comment, we will assume you are interested in soliciting and receiving general information rather than professional advice. We are not responsible for any results that may or may not…

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Week of April 24, 2017

Libra Seeking Balance

We’re clearly in Taurus Season now with the New Moon in Taurus happening on Wednesday, anchoring the week. It will likely be a low key week in part because that is Taurus’s preference. Unlike Aries, who is happiest dashing about putting out fires, Taurus ambles slowly but steadily forward with as few side trips as possible.

The New Moon in Taurus is about making fresh starts but not without doing our homework to ensure we know exactly what we’re working with. Remember Mercury is still retrograde and that means carefully vetting all information before presenting it publically. Going with the prudent, practical option makes more sense now than backing something more risky.

Mercury Rx in Aries is featured in two important aspects this week. On Monday it makes the first of two exact trines to Saturn in Sagittarius and on Friday, the first of two exact conjunctions with Uranus …

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Aries Moon leads the way today 4-24-2017

Libra Seeking Balance

Nothing like an unhindered Aries Moon to get us up and going on a Monday! This time the only aspect she makes is an opposition to Jupiter in Libra this evening, so we unadulterated Aries Moon influence all day. The only catch is the Moon is now in her Balsamic Phase leading up to the New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday. This is the time in the lunar cycle for quiet reflection on the past lunar month rather than revving up to start something new. Since Aries is all about the latter, it may be more challenging to slow down enough for contemplation. Maybe it’s time to learn to do a moving meditation? The cardinal fire energy is strong today and consequently we’ll feel better in motion. 🌠☾♈🌠

A very constructive trine between Mercury Rx in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius is at work today. I love this one because…

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Apr 26th, 2017: New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus, 8:16 am – Law of Abundance Check

Monavie Voight

Apr 26th, 2017: New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus, 8:16 am

Law of Abundance Checks
You may save/print these Law of Abundance checks which I created for 2017 for your own personal use. Please do not sell them.
How to use them:
  • Fill in the date of the New Moon
  • Fill in your name (use name/spelling which is most auspicious for you!)
  • Choose a candle in the color of your choice (gold or green are best, but a plain white tealight will work if it’s what you have on hand!)
  • Use creative visualization to see yourself in abundance while you light the candle and hold the check
  • Leave the candle to burn for any length of time you feel SAFE to do so. The candle may be used again for next months’ new moon.
  • Carry the check in your wallet, put it away and forget about it, or do what…

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Retrograde Fire Trine, Keeper of the sacred Flame

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic and everything you need

MOON is in ARIES on MONDAY, the Moon’s day

This will be an active start to the week. Aries is the first sign. Ruled by Mars, there is not much patience. People will be easily triggered to anger. You can get a lot accomplished under an Aries Moon just finish what you start. 

MERCURY Retrograde @ 27 ARIES trines {120 degree positive aspect} SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Retrograde

Mercury Squares VESTA, Keeper of the Sacred Flame @ 27 degrees CANCER

Vesta, Astrology, Edgar Maxence, Tara Greene

Vesta, by Edgar Maxence

VESTA, is an ancient Goddess, the keeper of the sacred flame. She is more popularly known for being associated with the VESTAL Virgins, which is a patriarchal whitewash of the original Vestal Sacred Tantric Priestesses. Vesta symbolizes the knowledge keeper of sacred sexual KUNDALINI energy, that sacred snake energy at the base of our spines, illumination consciousness. Vesta is the knowledge bearer and the keeper of that precious flame, and…

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Daily Upgrade- Monday 24th April 2017

Natalie Miles-The Psychic Upgrade


DAILY UPGRADE: Are you being honest with how you feel towards certain relationships? With friends, lovers, partners, family members or work colleagues? Today is a great day for expressing your truth. Have a watch to find out more!.

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Card of the Day – Queen of Cups – Monday, April 24, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

Today’s Queen of Cups comes to us from artist, Ken Meyer, Jr., for 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space. Have you noticed the huge shift in energies in the last several days? Pluto has retrograded, Mercury is retrograde in Aries, the Sun is now in Taurus, and the Taurus New Moon is just two days away. That is a great deal to navigate.

So, enter our Queen of Cups. You know, whenever I see her, it always reminds me of the Mr. Rogers’ quote that his mother told him to always “look for the helpers”. When things go wrong, and there are times of crisis, the helpers who rush in to help and provide comfort to the distressed, are the King/Queen of Cups types. It takes a special person to remain even-keeled when everyone else is running the other way. That type of emotional balance is to be admired…

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