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Venus Sextiles Jupiter: 10/26

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Venus Sextiles Jupiter tomorrow at 11:19 am at 10 degrees Sagittarius and 10 degrees Libra.

Venus represents relationships. It’s feminine energy, energy that you take within to work with before releasing it outwards with others. It’s how we balance ourselves with another person. It’s how we bring in a completely different body of energy and create love and harmony, rather than conflict and clashing.

Right now it’s in Sagittarius, the sign that represents adventure and optimism. Sagittarius is on a quest for understanding and experiences. It finds its bliss through things like long road trips, visits to foreign places, higher education, or exploring other religions and philosophies. Everything that it learns it synthesizes into something that has meaning. It looks for it own theories and points of views, and wants to share those ideas and notions with the world.

With Venus in Sagittarius, it’s your relationships that create an outlet…

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Love and angels,Venus square Neptune

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Oct 25 VIRGO MOON is a practical and intellectual energy today.

Virgo by Jospeh Stella 1926 Art Astrology

The Moon squares VENUS in SAGITTARIUS in the afternoon, this puts the brakes on those high-flying adventures or long-distance love affairs. At least you need the budget.

Moon opposes NEPTUNE
The practical dream is what we need right now. Bring it down to earth, make it real, tangible.

VENUS squares NEPTUNE @ 9+ degrees SAGITTARIUS

Venus Shekinah Astrology Tara Greene

image by Werner Hornung

9 degrees Sagittarius is the Fixed Star ANTARES, Archangel URIEL, the SHEKINAH

Antares is also the Fixed Star representing one of the four main archangels this is Angel Uriel not to be confused with Ariel. Uriel known as Phanuel to the Gnostics, holds the highest position as the Angel of Presence, Prince of Presence, Angel of the Face, Angel of Sanctification, Angel of Glory. A Prince of the Presence is an angel who is allowed to enter the presence of God…

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Venus Squares Neptune

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Tomorrow at 9:54 pm, Venus squares Neptune at 9 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces.

Venus represents your feminine energy. It’s how you receive others and how you balance in the energy you get. It expresses itself through relationships and partnerships of any kind, not just romantic. Although it can balance and harmonize anything, it works best on a one-on-one level.

Right now it’s in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is optimistic and carefree. It sees the world from a bird’s-eye view, where the little things don’t really matter, as long as the big picture is nice. Sagittarius is also on a quest for knowledge. It craves adventure and understanding.

With Venus in Sagittarius, the feminine aspects of yourself desires a deeper understanding of the world, and uses others to discover it. You may feel more inclined to balance in an optimistic way, not getting bogged down in all the little flaws that can…

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Venus – The Gamechanger

The Metropolitan Monk

Venus, popularly known as Lord Shukra is a crucial planet in our Solar system and an integral part of the astrological study. Venus symbolises love, material benefits, beauty, artistic description, etc., Venus owns Taurus and Libra out of the twelve Zodiac signs. Venus has its shoulders strengthened by Saturn, Mercury and Rahu(The Northern Node). Their opponent side led by Sun sports its enemical planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Kethu(The Southern Node). Venus blesses the native with limitless joy, pleasure and enables him/her to enjoy all the luxury available on earth. Venus if not placed with Kethu(The Dragon’s Tail), trine with Kethu, 2,12 from Kethu provides good results for both male and female native. It enables the native to enjoy or take away the good positive aspects of Venus without any hurdles.

Venus gets exhalted at Pisces and debilated at Virgo. According to the traditional Zodiac sign alignment, Virgo is…

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Aries Venus

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Aries Venuses will have an Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, or Gemini Sun.
Aries Venuses prefer a passionate kind of love. They want love like they’ve never experienced before.

Their sense of beauty is very primal. These people tend to have an edgy or masculine nature. Their natural sense of harmony is more geared towards self assertion. They use their feminine power to make their wants known.

At times these people are naive in love. They can get so caught up in their desires they don’t really think of where they are going. They tend to want an active partner and an active relationship. They can get easily bored, so while they’re all in when they’re in, they’re all out when they’re out. All that matters to them is that they’re following their own desires.

Some famous Aries Venuses are: Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney, Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston…

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* VENUS crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG (Oct 18): Feminine Rising, and Walking in Truth, Freedom, and Beauty!

Melanie's Astro~News

dsc02913New Beauty A-rising – Photo by Melanie, Oct 12, 2016


Just one minute after midnight, 12:01 am PDT on Oct 18, VENUS crosses from SCORPIO (where ‘she’ is traditionally considered ‘in exile’) to SAGITTARIUS.

After all the uncomfortable, painful, intense, deep, dark, disturbing, yet hopefully transformational things that were magnetized, under VENUS in SCORPIO (since Sept 23), the energy can rise again.


Until end of Oct, VENUS will encounter 3 other Planetary Archetypes on ‘her’ journey in SAGITTARIUS: 

  • VENUS will square NEPTUNE retro (‘her’ higher octave / transpersonal dimension)  in PI on Oct 25 and sextile JUPITER in LI (which is ruled by VENUS) onOct 26 – an invitation (maybe it’s the ‘only’ path) to an inner surrender in the Love, in the All… and find natural balance and peace.
  • VENUS will pass SATURN(once a year) on Oct 29An initiation point, where we are…

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Venus in Sagittarius

Rubys Readings

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is the planet that influences our relationships and often our financial well-being. Venus manifests all aspects of love, money, and worth in our lives. The planet of LOVE is now shifting from soul-searching Scorpio into more optimistic Sagittarius starting October 18th through November 11th. From my vantage point, there’s been a lot of couples breaking up lately because our relationships have been put under a giant magnifying glass while Venus was in Scorpio, over this last month. During that time were led to a strong desire to investigate our close intimate relationships, so we could better understand our partners, and probably have learned some interesting things, and for some folks that meant it was time to move on.

As loving Venus shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius, our romantic encounters shift as well, from being intense to more light-heartened. Venus in Sagittarius is also intense at times since…

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Fiery Minds Concious Hearts

Cosmic Life Maps

Mercury and Mars

Mercury and Mars both Opposite at 27 deg. Mercury is residing currently in Capricorn and Mars is on its way out of Libra. This restrictive flow of energy is very uncomfortable but very much needed. It may at times feel like you are overwhelmed or becoming overwhelmed with more hobbies, chores, tasks, jobs, knowledge ect… A extreme desire to becomes more focused and aware of what is going on in our lives and around us may be more prominent then before. Mercury symbolizes the mind, logic, communication and learning (among other things) and with the Passionate fire of Mars it may set these things on fire… Making the drive to achieve more urgent and the mind  become more effective and communicated.

Its also a time you may find yourself desiring to let people around you know more what you’re feeling. Like you have this potential word vomit…

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Venus in Gemini- Friendship never ends

And I’m only here
To bring you free love
Let’s make it clear
That this is free love
No hidden catch
No strings attached
Written by Venus in n Gemini Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Venus in Gemini is one of the most romantic and exciting placements for the planet of love and beauty.  I would like to dispute many of the common views of this placement.

For example, you may have heard that Venus in Gemini people get bored easily and  don’t like emotionally heavy relationships- which for some reason leads to the paranoid conclusion that they are likely to cheat.  I don’t agree with any of this nonsense, in fact Gemini is one truly romantic sign for Venus to be.  Venus at the end of the day rules not only love but also our values- what we hold dear in our hearts.

A Gemini Venus is looking for a…

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Effect of Moon Venus Conjunction


Important Notes: The result of conjunction of planets should be modified in the light of Parashari Principles of lordship of planets for eg. Saturn will be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Mars would be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Cancer and Leo ascendants as these planets become lords of Kendra and Trikona and hence capable of giving excellent result. Lagana lord and trikona lord are always beneficial.

Moon Venus Conjunction

  • Deals in textiles, good conduct, clothes, expert in buying and selling. It is a Raj Yoga.
  • The different effects in different houses are as follows.
    • 1st house: Rich, garland, perfume, company of courtesans.
    • 4th house: Wealth through water, popular, rich.
    • 7th house: Intellectual, earns name and fame, will have many women, not much wealth and sons.
    • 10th house: Famous, minister, rich and popular.
    • 9th house: Marries unchaste lady, diseases and rich, well placed, has step mother.

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