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Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries – Self-expression without compromise

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Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries

Mercury conjunct Venus will happen on March 18th, 2017 at 12:26:43 UT (07:26:43 EST) in tropical Aries, sidereal and constellational Pisces.

These two planets are never more than 76 arcdegrees apart, therefore they can only form the conjunctions, semi-sextiles, semi-squares, sextiles and quintiles but not the square, trine nor opposition.

The conjunction between Aries Mercury and Aries Venus often ’makes’ the person cheerful and companionable with a good-natured disposition and a desire for society. It also ’gives’ the ability for music and poetry, but it is a pretty characteristic indication in the radix charts of highly gifted inventors / reformers in science, technics or art, as well as it may endow people with idealistic thought or missionary zeal.  Without grave disharmonic aspects, if these planets are not staying in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, this is a general indication of success in salesmanship for such people can be very…

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Venus in Aries,Hot Love

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Venus enters ARIES Feb 3, 2017 @ 7:51 am PST/ 10:51 am EST/ 3:51 pm GMT  where she is an Amazon love bomb in MARS sign, He’s been waiting for her.

Venus and Mars art Tara Greene

Joachim Anthonisz. 1566 – 1638 MARS,VENUS AND CUPID

Yes, this girl is on fire. VENUS in ARIES is a warrior Goddess, like DURGA on her white Lion, or Quan Yin and her dragon {who appeared to me in a healing ceremony}.Durga Page of Wands/Tarot card reader Tara GreeneLike popular media – all the new female super heroes, SUPERGIRL, Xena, Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, Katniss Everdeen or ancient Goddesses Diana or Athena, Goddess of War, Brigid- she is fierce, fearless, strong, risk-taker who fights back and Demands HER RIGHTS! She belongs to no man.

The recent Women’s march the largest single day march ever in the entire world is just the beginning. As the Dalai Lama said “Western women will save the world.” We will. Never mind trump…

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Venus aspects in relationships


venusVenus aspects are important in love compatibility in a relationship. Venus with Mars is strong sexual attraction, Venus with Sun promises harmony and compatibility, Venus with Moon couple tends to like being together and doing similar things,.
Venus with Pluto brings a whole new dimension to the relationship that can become all consuming. And Venus with Neptune is soulmate stuff… Venus with Uranus usually won’t last but is magnetic attraction, and Venus Jupiter couple tends to forgive each other almost anything. Venus Mercury is mostly in the mind, and Venus Saturn can become forever but only after a very cautious start, and obstacles.
To find out your personal aspects in relationship with your partner, leave a message with birth time details. If you post it under this, others can benefit, too.

photo credit Andreea Cernestean

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Another time to practice being present; Venus enters Aquarius

Eyes of Heaven


With these very long Void Moon times, we need to be aware of floating off into dreamland, when we need to stay present with our activities. A bit of sea salt under the tongue, hug a tree, hug a potted plant. Have that clean pot of dry soil to stick your hand into. Breathe into the connection with the earth. Then come back to your activity. Peace and well-being to all.

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Venus square Uranus, avante garde love

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

New Moon in Sagittarius 11/29  We need to focus on the major T-Square in Cardinal signs 

VENUS squares URANUS @ 20+ degrees Capricorn

I was responding to an article about Kanye West’s recent mental breakdown in an email subscription service i get. I mentioned Picasso’s earliest painting which granted him early L’Enfant terrible genius status and that was this one. 

picasso les demoiselles d avignon, Astrology Tara Greene

Picasso Les demoiselles d’Avignon 1907

It made me think of  a major painting that illustrates the Venus-Uranus square. Not that Picasso had one. Kanye BTW has a NATAL [Mars} VENUS conjunction opposite URANUS in a wide square to Saturn in LEO. I’ll write a short article about why Kanye is having a mental breakdown now.

VENUS square URANUS is Viva la revolution. So synchronous that Castro died under this aspect.

VENUS square URANUS values unconventional things. 

Venus square Uranus is don’t expect women to ever be the same. Women’s liberation.  A…

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Venus in Sagittarius: Freelance explorer


venus-in-sagittarius-lost-dudeistThis is the first of posts about Sagittarius. While it’s Sagittarius season, meaning  Sun is in Sagittarius, all my posts will be about Sagittarius.

Freelance explorer is my shorthand to describe how anyone with this in their chart approaches love and values, including money.

Venus in Sagittarius person is unconventional in love, unafraid to take risks, and a little baffled their own free-wheeling ‘love conquers all’ approach to relationships can raise eyebrows with others who, for example, have a strong Capricorn in their charts, and who are more concerned with established social norms and rules.

The same goes for how they view money: Sagittarius Venus likes it a lot, but only for the freedom it can give them, and really, not such a big deal!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the bringer of luck and optimism, and Venus in Sagittarius person will find luck is on their side more often…

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Venus,Pluto, Jupiter, love, beauty, power, sex, luck

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic


Nov 25 at 15+ degrees Capricorn/Libra

This is a very powerful positive, expansive, rich, luxurious, romantic, big bling, corporate high-powered aspect. Venus is the one creating the T-squares. She is women, mobilizing, moving, feeling their power, feeling their 51% MAJORITY, refusing to back down, give up their legal rights to freedom and stepping in as peacekeepers, negotiators, and balance keepers. 

In Capricorn this is an earth mover aspect. It can trigger more earthquakes. We have been seeing bigger ones lately. The earth moving aspect also holds for mere mortal relationships. There is a Scorpio, sex, tantra, orgasm aspect here. This makes me think of having an enlightening spiritual experience using ayahuasca. I caution you though. I was told by a friend of mine who only works with the most authentic shamans that Ayahuasca should never be taken outside of the…

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How Venus Plays a Part in Astrology


venus-1351056__340.pngVenus is about delight, particularly joy imparted to another person. This planet frets about affection, sentiment and concordance in our enthusiastic connections, relational unions, companionships and different unions (like business organizations). Venus is substance to spread satisfaction and delicacy, at the same time showing us how to love and acknowledge others and the things that we have.

horses-600212_960_720We seem appealing – and we draw in others – on account of Venus’ vitality. Associating with and identifying with others are vital to this planet.


Magnificence is additionally unequivocally connected with Venus. Expressions of the human experience (music, move, dramatization and writing, to give some examples) and a feeling of the tasteful fall inside the domain of Venus. Venus importunes us to enjoy our faculties and delight in the magnificence of our reality. This planet is inseparably connected to refinement, culture, appeal and elegance.


Venus additionally manages the delight we get from…

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