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Current Moon transiting Uranus: Tesla’s Last letters to his mother

Fiesta Estrellas

Dear Tesla,

I am sorry that humankind kept you back from your personal life, and never understood you, nor what you tapped into.

Love, Ka

For some reason, today, I encountered this article, and decided to share it on Word Press. The Moon in Leo is transiting Uranus in Aries. I thought I’d light a candle for Tesla…

****************** Letters excerpt********************************

“Friday, November 20…

I didn’t write to the Patent office, one of their agents came and I told him about my intentions in person. He said he was sorry, but the dates could not be changed because all the congressmen have already determined them. I went down to the Waterfalls and told the boys to prepare the turbines and wait for my call tomorrow.

I have decided to provide the mankind with the gift it deserves and to retourn to Europe, to You, Mother. Governments here are the same…

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Mercury Square Uranus 2015-12-20 (Grand Trine)


Mercury Square Uranus 2015-12-20 (Grand Trine)

This Mercury Square Uranus is colored by a short-lived Grand Earth Trine including Moon in early Taurus (too early to say period), Astraea (early Virgo, also too early to say), and Sun very late in Sadge (actually in a Fire sign) or, alternatively, Pluto in Capricorn (take your pick of the two).

We saw the other square earlier this year on July 18th.  And we saw Mercury Trine Uranus on August 2nd and a few weeks ago on December 1st.  Consider a few of your notes about the events of those days to determine what may be most useful to you on this day.  The traditional wisdom is that you need to capture every idea, no matter how crazy or how fleeting, today.  Some of the best gifts you will ever receive in terms of ideas come on these Mercury / Uranus…

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Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™


OK, over the next 24 hours we have some huge cosmic potential coming out way. Uranus is at it’s closest approach to Earth all year and what this means is that you will feel quick witted, random and ready to take those chances you have been holding back on. This happens a day before the eclipse season is due to finish, so what a rousing send-off!

As I’ve said in the current Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast ” We can expect to be pushed out of our comfort zones. The energy of freedom, radical change and shaking loose the restraints of self-control are here. So over the next 24 hours…#thetipoff

Want more? READ ON for my 7-DAYS IN ADVANCE GUIDANCE with The TIP-OFF Global Energy Forecast. Your cosmic and life guide. ACT NOW, subscribe & become an empowered Tip-Off Influencer…


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Venus TRINE Uranus, crazy dramas, wild kinky love

This aspect still has influence. Part of the “natal chart” for Lost Dudeist Astrology. We quote: “INITIATING wild crazy love. DRAMA QUEENS and KINGS! [S]o let your crazy dramas, your wild passions, your unlived desires out of the box.”

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Hey I went for a crystal laser bed treatment last night that my friend in Sedona has here. And OMG in 1 hour which I thought was 3 hours, I released years of stuff I was carrying around in my head, my addiction to writing at all hours. 

I came home and went to bed at 9:30 pm which is  a miracle for me and slept all night.

also the energy is so amplified in Sedona if you are sensitive I have been feeling dizzy which is usually a sign of sunspots,gamma ray burts etc.

just a quickie here as I am writing about Equinox and getting my blood moon article done for Cosmic Intelligence Agency as well.

VENUS TRINES URANUS @ 9:00pm PST/ Sept 23 @ midnight EST


so let your crazy dramas, your wild passions, your unlived desires out of…

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