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Void of Course

Very good article on this. Maybe the best I have seen on the ‘net. But, as an aside, I am a “modern” rather than a “traditionalist.” So, I approach the topic a bit differently from this. Mostly, though, I agree. Good analysis.

Tarot Ethics: Cold Reads


I wrote a post on how to be a good storyteller when you give a Tarot reading, but being too much of a storyteller, rather than a Tarot interpreter, is sometimes also the case.

Throughout history, psychics and mediums have been using several psychological tricks to appear earnest and clairvoyant to people, whereas really they are just simple knacks that could be used by anyone. It is especially true today where material is readily accessible on the Internet, so it is quite easy to build up your arsenal.

In physical readings, it is especially easy to get away with a cold read –

  • sitters tend to be more emotionally involved in a face-to-face seminar and can be exploited easily over sensitive topics (death, grievance, material issues, break-ups etc)
  • sitters offer a wide array of different subconscious hints to their attitude with body language, micromovements (especially facial muscles), eye coordination…

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Word Weaving in Tarot


I have recently had to explain to several people how it is possible to do online Tarot readings – or how to be a good Tarot reader, period. I found myself describing the art of storytelling more than the art of Tarot (which is anyway deeply personal.

“If you wish to be a good Tarot reader or approach people in any other word-heavy self-development tool, be sure to understand the basics of storytelling and how to weave your interpretation together into a coherent, well-spoken message”

It doesn’t matter if you use Tarot only for shadow work, solely for predictive divination or for creative writing – the ability to tell a story is everything to a good Tarot reading. I read professionally for one website who have very high standards for written Tarot readings  – they have a set character range limit, very high style standards, grammar errors get you fired…

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The 12th Harmonic, your Secondary Self

The Cinnamon Stars

twelfthharmoncDo you know the 12th harmonic? I guess some might say yes, some might say no. The Twelfth Harmonic charts are advanced astrological method-and part of modern astrology sector. As a brief intro, Harmonic astrology is a detailed interpretation of energies-Where we break down an energy from a natal aspect to a chart- But Harmonic astrology is another talk for another day. I want to concentrate on the twelfth harmonic in this article, which is considered the secondary self.

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How do the astrological Houses work?

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

Answer by Alex Sumner:

The “Houses” are nothing to do with your Sun sign: instead they are determined by (a) the Time of day you were born; and (b) the Latitude (degrees north or south of the equator) of the place you were born.

The time of your birth determines your “Rising Sign” or “Ascendant,” and is specifically the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at that moment. This means that the Ascendant will change by one degree every four minutes, or by a complete sign (thirty degrees) every two hours. Astrologically, the Ascendant represents the face or persona you present to the world.

Incidentally, the Ascendant is the First House marker, and technically is the one part of your birth chart which is the true Horoscope (horos skopos = “house marker.”)

The Latitude of your place of birth, when taken in consideration with your time and…

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