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Mercury Moves into Scorpio: 10/24

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Mercury moves into Scorpio today, at 4:46 pm eastern time.

Mercury represents your mind. It’s how you think as well as what you think about. It also represents your communication patterns, how you learn, and how you socialize. It can be siblings, the community around you, or grade school.

Scorpio is shadow energy. It’s everything you may have swept away that needs clearing out. It’s heavy energy, often hurt energy. It deals with trauma, death, loss, control, manipulation, abuse, rape, or abandonment. Anything negative that impacts someone’s psyche. The stuff that impacts how you act with others, without you always realizing why.

Scorpio energy can show where other people have been mean, but it can also make you mean. If you’ve been caring around all that negative energy, you’re vulnerable and feel the need to protect yourself. To do this, you may control, manipulate, or push people to act or speak…

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Ancient Symbolism of the Magical Phoenix | Ancient Origins

Grand Temple of Horus Behdety

The symbolism of the Phoenix, like the mystical bird itself, dies and is reborn across cultures and throughout time.

Source: Ancient Symbolism of the Magical Phoenix | Ancient Origins

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Native American Zodiac: Snake (Scorpio Sun Sign)

Paula Abdul sang about the dark side of this sign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7aShcmEksw 🙂

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Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Most shamans are born under this Native American animal symbol. The Snake is a natural in all matters of spirit. Easily attuned to the ethereal realm the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions. The Snake’s preoccupation with matters intangible often lead others to view them as mysterious, and sometimes frightening. True, the Snake can be secretive, and a bit dark – he/she is also quite sensitive, and caring. In a supportive relationship the cool Snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, and helpful. Left to his/her own devices, the Snake can be despondent, violent, and prone to abnormal mood swings. Learn more about the Snake totem here.

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Alchemy Astrology highlights: 15-17 October, 2015, Thursday-Saturday, Passive

Alchemy Astrology

Thursday evening watch for jealousy and domination in yourself and others. If you suddenly feel an impulsive to express your true feelings just know this may be a difficult time for that.

Moon in Scorpio changes solidifying – emotionally possessive

Lab process of Separation:
To separate a compound into unique substances. Leaching salts from ashes. Filtering solids from liquids. Pressing oils from solids.
Alchemy Astrology handbook: http://www.risingstarmusic.com/alchemyastrology/book.html

More info at AlchemyAstrology.com: http://www.alchemyastrology.com
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