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God and Science

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For the past week, the headlines have been dominated by what’s been going on with Lamar Odom.  As you all may have heard (if not just Google Lamar Odom) Odom was found face down and unconscious in a legal brothel in Nevada.  He was rushed to a hospital and it was determined he may not make it and was on life support.  Then over the last few days he started breathing on his own and responding and speaking.  It is great to hear that he is doing well and hopefully he can live a long life after this.


This is just a latest in the conflict between God and Science.  Many will say that Lamar waking up and doing so well is a miracle and should be left at that.  Medical science, who already declared him dead will now try to rationalize what happened and in a way try to…

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No Joke! First Bioluminescent Sea Turtle Discovered!


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Scientists Discover the First Biofluorescent Reptile, a ‘Glowing’ Hawksbill Sea Turtle

No this isn’t a clip from the latest Miyazaki anime, this is the first sighting of a real fluorescent turtle.

Marine biologist David Gruber of City University of New York, was recently in the Solomon Islands to film a variety of biofluorescent fish and coral, when suddenly a completey unexpected sight burst into the frame: a glowing yellow and red sea turtle. The creature is a critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle, and until this sighting last July, the phenomenon had never been documented in turtles, let alone any other reptile.

Biofluorescence is the ability for an organism to reflect blue light and re-emit it as a different color, not to be confused with bioluminescence, where organisms produce their own light.

Many undersea creatures like coral, sharks, and some shrimp have shown the ability to…

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