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Sun and Saturn Conjunction


Important Notes: The result of conjunction of planets should be modified in the light of Parashari Principles of lordship of planets for eg. Saturn will be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Mars would be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Cancer and Leo ascendants as these planets become lords of Kendra and Trikona and hence capable of giving excellent result. Lagana lord and trikona lord are always beneficial.

Sun and Saturn conjunction generally gives learned, mature in behavior, metallurgist, loses wife and son, “sell of minerals, virtues good qualities, wealthy and happy with family”. The conjunction gives the following result in the following houses.

  • If conjunction is in the first house, the native will be sinful, dirty disposition with immoral conduct.
  • If it forms in 4th house, the native will be poor and will be humiliated by relatives.
  • In the 7th house, native will be stupid, dull brained, liar, jealous…

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Horoscope: Evangeline Adams

Jude's Threshold

Natal Horoscope Feb 8, 1869 Natal Horoscope Feb 8, 1868

Image: Evangeline Adams February 8, 1868 8:30 am LMT Jersey city, New Jersey; please enlarge to read a few basic chart factors messily penned on.

Above you see the natal horoscope of famed American astrologer Evangeline Smith Adams. However, its accuracy is in question with a Rodden Rating of DD for ‘Dirty Data’ yet it is the data she herself gave in her book, The Bowl of Heaven and has been used by many astrologers through the years.

Since one of the books I am currently reading is Foreseeing the Future: Evangeline Adams and Astrology in America by Karen Christino, I naturally wanted a look at her natal chart and noticed that Evangeline Adams is in process of a Saturn Return! And with Saturn being the traditional ruler of the ancient art of Astrology, I wanted to post her chart as a…

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Saturn and A Return to Grace

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres


I know my strengths and my weaknesses and I have made allies of them both. I have felt the wrath of the Lord of Time and in his terrible wake I have learned to use time purposefully.

I have stretched and strained against a skin that was too tight. But in the weariness of my surrender to its necessary structure, I have marveled at what was birthed from its metamorphic cocoon.

I have remained steadfast on my spiritual path and when the Darkest night of my Soul’s searching pulled me into the chasm of doubt, I listened to the truth of my heart.

I have known failure and have been the intimate companion of the false pride and ego that covered those tracks. I sought the comfort of superiority to hide the shame of inadequacy. And in each place of comfort I have fallen further from my true self. Age…

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