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Your HORROR – Scope for the week of: Dec. 27th, 2015

Humorous Interludes by Ron Yarosh

horoscope chart

Good day, fans of tomorrow.

We present you with the last issue of your HORROR-Scope for 2015AD.

We hope use endured the past year in spite of all the horror the planets have heaved on you.

We anticipate that the year 2016 we’ll provide you with pretty much same in the way misfortune, angst, and general torment.

Our final week’s predictions include, snorkels, lice, and the ever popular, big toe.

Good luck in your efforts to overcome the influences of the stars and planets in 2016.

You’re going to need it.


Aries… Pluto is in sub-opposition now. That’s not a good sign for you. Sometime in the coming year, you will open an Argument Service For Couples. Unfortunately, you will never get further than arguing about your fees.

Taurus… Venus is semi-conjunctive at this time. That always in results in trouble. Sometime in the coming year, you…

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