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Coca-Cola Spends $119 Million Funding Health Research Groups To Improve Their Image | True Activist

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It should come as no surprise that with so much money being thrown into research, that studies have actually come out saying that Coca-Cola was healthy, or that exercise was more important to diet when it comes to fitness.

Source: Coca-Cola Spends $119 Million Funding Health Research Groups To Improve Their Image | True Activist

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Solar plane prepares for Amazon mission

Student engineers from ETH Zurich are preparing to fly their world-record breaking solar plane over the Amazon rainforest.

The team is fitting its AtlantikSolar unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for a 400 kilometer, 12 hour, flight as it seeks to push the endurance limits of solar planes.

The fixed-wing 6.8 kilogram AtlantikSolar will be fitted with a variety of cameras and atmospheric sensors.

AtlantikSolar’s most recent landmark was achieved while carrying no payload this July. The team broke the flight endurance world record for any aircraft below 50 kilograms by flying continuously on solar powered batteries for 81.5 hours (over four days and three nights) in Zurich.

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Scientists have discovered how the month you’re born matters for your health

I am not sure whether or not traditional Astrology will hold up long term. But I have no doubt that we will (eventually) find critically important cyclical patterns that govern human affairs and characteristics. These may, or may not, correlate to Astrology. (Til then, I continue to practice and teacher the Art)

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Astrology may be bogus, but the month you’re born really seems to matter for your health

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