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Neptune in Pisces: flooding, drowning and tidal surges in the UK

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Giant waves on the seafront at Seaham, County ...Neptune stationed on the 11th of November, ending its annual retrograde period, which began around 7 June 2013. For many, this came as something of a relief. Neptune’s stay in the sign of Pisces has been anything but peaceful or uneventful, especially when it comes to the sea. Since Neptune’s ingress into water-ruled Pisces in April 2011, we have seen a surge in sea piracy, large ships capsizing and/or running aground (think of the such as the Costa Concordia), as well as a rise in sea drownings off the coast of the UK and Europe, especially during Neptune’s last retrograde spell. For example, in Ireland four people drowned in separate incidents within the space of 48 hours between the 11th and 12th of July.[1]

Flooding has been another characteristic of Neptune’s stay in Pisces. Just this month, we experienced some rather alarming tidal surges off the UK coast, resulting…

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Love Compatibility: Libra and Pisces

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 The Libra and Pisces love match tends to be one of the most romantic in the zodiac. Neptune rules Pisces and Venus rules Libra, therefore, they’re easily a loving couple that demonstrates their affection for one another without fail. Both signs are sentimental and flowers, candlelight dinners, poetry and other signs of endearment are rarely a rarity here.

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