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Risque Bizness: A Spinoff

Risque Bizness: Enter at Your Own Risque

This blog is a spinoff from Lost Dudeist Astrology.  We are moving our NSFW / Erotic poems, stories, nude pictures, pinups and similar material here.  Most of our visual material will tend to be lingerie shots and vintage pinups with the occasional nudes.  We are not posting hardcore pornography.  As an aside, all (or almost all) of the material will be “reblogs” aggregated from other sources.

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American Ultra

Saw American Ultra. Loved it. It is obviously a parody. This article has important counterpoints. Still recommend seeing the movie. Best laughs I have had in some time. Even funnier if the you read various articles on government conspiracy (some of which are true (as Snowden showed us) and some of which are likely not).

Welcome to the Future


Exactly thirty year ago, audiences worldwide got a glimpse of the future in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future.  Not only was it the highest grossing film of 1985, but also the movie turned into a cultural phenomenon across the globe.  On October 21st 2015, fans worldwide celebrated “Back to the Future Day” in honor of the day that Marty McFly and “Doc” Brown arrived in the future in their DeLorean time machine. The writers of the film in 1985 had to make up some crazy predictions for what 2015 would be like and in a lot of ways they were correct!

Some of the predictions that they got correct are:

  • Hands-Free Gaming Consoles- With a flick of the wrist and a twirl, children can now play video games and be active at the same time. Gaming Consoles such as Microsoft’s XBOX 360 and the Nintendo Wii have…

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Happy Back To The Future Day!

Stephen Liddell

There are two ways to waste our lives on this planet.  One is the way that some keep getting excited  for the next Apocalypse, seemingly a little pointless in my mind and I can say that having survived several hundred in my life thus far, in fact there is another due today also.   Well I guess I can take part in that if nothing better is going on but it better be like the one portrayed in This is The End and not some boring asteroid strike or even worse another no-show.

This is the end How I want to spend my apocalypse… be warned, the guy on the right is going to eat and drink all your supplies.. and second from left turns into  demon!

The other pointless way is to do as I do and mark off certain calendar dates because they feature prominently in films and TV shows that I…

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