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Brief Void Moon; Mars into Pisces; Mercury retrograde begins


Moon In Leo

Astrology & Tarot


By Colleen Schmidt

Leo is such a charming energy.  Overall, when the Moon is in the sign of Leo people can be more charming.  The energy here is of the Sun, so it is said not to be a very strong placement for the Moon.  The Moon again is what nurtures us, particularly emotionally.  Leo is radiant as is the Sun. Here the Sun is said to be exalted.  It would then be difficult for the Leo Moon as an energy to get enough nurturing as a result.  The need for attention might be greater.  The emotional rapport to feel secure means being included.

Leo is a sign that is known for it’s pride.  That is why it is said that the Leo Sun makes for a good leader.  This is true as a leader the energy of Leo charming rather then domineering. It makes it  easier for others to…

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Leo Moon’s Mood improves as the day goes by 12-17-2016

Libra Seeking Balance

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The Leo Moon may not start off the day in the best of moods, maybe due to too much partying the night before, but it will markedly improve later on. Shortly after midday a sextile to good natured Jupiter in Libra brings out her social side. Later on she will be part of a Grand Trine in fire with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries! We can either use this marvelous energy for putting on the best party ever or to fire up our creativity. Saturn is the key to manifesting something real and lasting from this transitory Grand Trine. Do something fun today. 🌠☾♌🌠

For those preparing for the Holidays or attending Christmas parties with friends and family, today’s fiery energy is wonderful for getting in the spirit of things. No one is better at inspiring us to be playful and joyous than the Leo Moon. Cheers, everyone!


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Leo Moon turns up the heat today 12-16-2016

Libra Seeking Balance


The Moon bounces into cheerful, exuberant Leo first thing this morning and she promptly sends out invitations to play today. She makes no aspects at all so she feels free to express her Leoness to the hilt. Most of us have to finish up the work week before running off to party but it won’t hurt to smile and wish everyone happy holidays. Those lucky folks who have Christmas treats in the break room or have time to go out for lunch can inject some fun into their day no matter how briefly. 🌠☾♌🌠

The next couple of days with the Leo Moon represent a last hurrah for fire energy before the Solstice. The Sagittarius Sun has the Leo Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries in fire along with air to fuel them from Venus and Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra. We better absorb the warmth…

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Moving along swimmingly, Cancer Moon

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

December 15

Moon is in CANCER and we are swimming along maybe feeling a bit soggy and overly emotional. Watch what you eat carefully during a Cancer Moon time as our tummies are likely to be more upset.

Moon opposed Mercury and Pluto at night. What were your dreams like?

Moon in Cardinal Cross energy with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries later today

later today. That always amps us the tension in relationships. I want it, I don’t want it, what do I want? Freedom.

Moon inconjuncts SATURN in SAGITTARIUS at 2:43 pm EST

A sobering memory could jolt you out of your sentimental reverie.


The childhood wounds may surface and you need to allow them to flow. Better to clear it all up now as Holiday season approaches and this is the most intense time of the…

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The New Moon Predictions for December 29, 2016

Astrology & Tarot

By Colleen Schmidt

New Moon: Sun at 7 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn287

ARIES:  This month may highlight issues with automobiles or vehicles in general.  There could be matters that are out of control to the point where they could feel very self-destructive.  Your mind and/or memories are erratic.  Be wary of the risks this month as winning, achieving goals and seeing just rewards are important BUT you might plunge into something that could be self-destructive or defeating.  This month also highlights marriage and other close partnerships.

TAURUS:  Many times this month will feel fated and predestined, as if you are being tested in some way.  You might sense things are not being done correctly or that they are being done backwards.  You just want to get to the bottom of things and you feel as if you have been enduring a great deal.  Memories could be triggered by photographs. …

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