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Effect of Moon Venus Conjunction


Important Notes: The result of conjunction of planets should be modified in the light of Parashari Principles of lordship of planets for eg. Saturn will be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Mars would be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Cancer and Leo ascendants as these planets become lords of Kendra and Trikona and hence capable of giving excellent result. Lagana lord and trikona lord are always beneficial.

Moon Venus Conjunction

  • Deals in textiles, good conduct, clothes, expert in buying and selling. It is a Raj Yoga.
  • The different effects in different houses are as follows.
    • 1st house: Rich, garland, perfume, company of courtesans.
    • 4th house: Wealth through water, popular, rich.
    • 7th house: Intellectual, earns name and fame, will have many women, not much wealth and sons.
    • 10th house: Famous, minister, rich and popular.
    • 9th house: Marries unchaste lady, diseases and rich, well placed, has step mother.

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