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Mercury Square Uranus 2015-12-20 (Grand Trine)


Mercury Square Uranus 2015-12-20 (Grand Trine)

This Mercury Square Uranus is colored by a short-lived Grand Earth Trine including Moon in early Taurus (too early to say period), Astraea (early Virgo, also too early to say), and Sun very late in Sadge (actually in a Fire sign) or, alternatively, Pluto in Capricorn (take your pick of the two).

We saw the other square earlier this year on July 18th.  And we saw Mercury Trine Uranus on August 2nd and a few weeks ago on December 1st.  Consider a few of your notes about the events of those days to determine what may be most useful to you on this day.  The traditional wisdom is that you need to capture every idea, no matter how crazy or how fleeting, today.  Some of the best gifts you will ever receive in terms of ideas come on these Mercury / Uranus…

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