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Industrial hemp poised to become NC’s newest legal crop | News & Observer

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Farmers in North Carolina are likely to wake up Saturday morning with a new option for growing crops: Industrial hemp production is expected to become legal at the stroke of midnight.

Source: Industrial hemp poised to become NC’s newest legal crop | News & Observer

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Truth About European Socialist Countries

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With Bernie Sanders advocating socialism in America, and Hillary Clinton saying she “loves Denmark,” how do the people who actually live under socialism feel about their life?

Source: BRUTAL Meme Reveals Truth About European Socialist Countries | The Federalist Papers

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You Can Now Buy Drone Insurance From AIG

You Can Now Buy Drone Insurance From AIG

Nervous pilot? You might be able to command your UAV with a little more peace of mind now that AIG is willing to sell you drone insurance.

The insurance company has launched a series of policies that will cover you for all kind of accidents. Perhaps most importantly, it’ll provide third party liability in case you crash your drone into someone or something else. But it’ll also cover physical damage to the aircraft itself, including cameras and other hardware that you’re having it carry, and there aren’t any exclusions if something goes wrong with the on-board electronics.

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The rise of the Money Power

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This chart shows how both Republicans and Democrats have become dependent on wealthy donors during the past 30 or so years.

In 1980, both political parties received well over half their donations from small donors—those who gave less than $1,500 in 2012 dollars.  In 2012, they both received more than a quarter of their contributions from mega-donors–people who could afford to give more than $5,616.

Mega-donors are expected to account for an even larger share in the 2016 election.   So far 158 families, who’ve contributed more than $250,000 each, have contributed $176 million to the campaign.   Together with 200 additional families who’ve given more than $100,000 each, that is more than half the reported campaign contributions.

But, as Ben Carson shows among the Republicans and Bernie Sanders among the Democrats, big money is not invincible.   A sufficiently popular candidate can raise as much in small donations as…

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