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How to survive your PhD MOOC

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What is my mind focusing on and noticing? What is my mind focusing on and noticing?

I’m (oh so slowly) completing a MOOC by the fabulous Thesis Whisperer and team called ‘How to survive your PhD’. Not that I’m enrolled in a PhD, yet, that’s for next semester. But then I’ve been saying that for five semesters so far and counting. It just doesn’t seem to be quite the right time.

Anyway, after the first two weeks of introduction and looking at the history of the PhD, week 3 (yes I’m way behind) looks at Confidence and also the Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome is something I’m familiar with as I’m an academic without a PhD. In my first couple of years in the job I was frequently heard saying that

  • ‘I got this job ‘through the back door’ because I don’t have a PhD’,
  • ‘I’m not a real researcher, I don’t have a PhD’,  and
  • ‘I’m researching but I…

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