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August 21 Solar Eclipse in USA


I think the video above might be an appropriate addendum to the previous post https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/february-26-solar-eclipse-in-usa/

You do not need to be an astrologer to understand that Mr. American President is going through a very difficult period, maybe the most difficult in his life. He is in insufferable turbulence, something still depends on him but something is already beyond of his control…

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Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017

Horseman's Blog and Directory

Nasa wants to help you prepare for the upcoming Solar Eclipse, I have actually lived long enough to have seen a solar eclipse, and it was very cool.

“On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, a total eclipse will cross the entire country, coast-to-coast, for the first time since 1918. Weather permitting, the entire continent will have the opportunity to view an eclipse as the moon passes in front of the sun, casting a shadow on Earth’s surface. And plans for this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse are underway – scientists are submitting research proposals, NASA is sharing information on safe eclipse viewing with community centers, and citizen science projects are developing.

The total solar eclipse begins near Lincoln City, Oregon, at 10:15 a.m. PDT (1:15 p.m. EDT). Totality ends at 2:48 p.m. EDT near Charleston, South Carolina. The partial eclipse will start earlier and end later, but the total eclipse itself will take about…

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New Moon Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 – The Next Gateway of Change for Us

Michele Elizabeth

the Universe wants you to know it’s not cool, weird, odd or funny it is freaking awesome! Now go and sit outside and just be, get some revelations about who you are and then go and make your lists, you have 11 days!.png

Wow we really are in the most extraordinary time of change and new beginnings for us. The greatest push or energetic surge for awakening that I have felt in a while and I love it, I am so excited about the changes that are happening in your lives!

We have just had A New Moon Lunar Eclipse, followed the next day by Lions Gate and on the 21st we have a Full Moon Solar Eclipse, this brings intense powerful energy with the ability to create great change, within in you.

I love the way the Universe gets us into position, if we allow it and take the time for ourselves. It is such a fascinating dance and if we just flow with the music the steps take care of themselves.

The energy that came in a week or so ago was bringing with it deep revelations about our soul…

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 21, 2017

Libra Seeking Balance

First I would like to remind everyone eclipses are a normal occurrence, usually happening at least four times a year. This one has gained an unusual amount of attention because it is a total solar eclipse sweeping across the USA . . . that’s all. That’s not to say it won’t be an awe inspiring event because having experienced one first hand many years ago, I can attest it will be amazing!

This is the second New Moon in Leo this year (the first was on July 23 at 0°44 Leo). The New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 28° 53 Leo on 21 August 2017, 11:30 AM PDT. What lights it up even more is an exact trine to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, guaranteed to get our creative juices flowing! In fact the luminaries are very well aspected and that suggests changes brought about by this lunation will ultimately…

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Caution: The Solar Eclipse

Stella's Place

This was found on Facebook (posted by our friend, Menagerie) and seems like good information to share.

Michael Schecter:

As an Optometrist , I want to express concern that I have about the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug 21. There are serious risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse directly, even with the use of solar filter glasses. Everyone should keep in mind if they or their children are considering this.

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LIFELIGHT ASTROLOGY 17th August Solar Eclipse coming up

Michelle McClunan

Solar eclipse


I don’t know about you, but it feels as though I’ve been bombarded with news about this eclipse season.  This is partly due to the fact that the Total Solar Eclipse will fall at the exact degree of  Mr Trump’s Ascendant (who was born on an eclipse). It will  also be visible across North America, which is probably why there’s so much hype from across the pond!

I’m going to try and simplify the whole thing:


  • On 7th August , we had a lunar eclipse in Aquarius  and on  21st August there will be a total solar eclipse in Leo.
  • At a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is positioned in between the Earth and the Sun, almost but not entirely blocking out it’s light, so as to create a corona or a ring of fire
  • Eclipse seasons happen twice…

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Charlottesville and the Downside of The Solar Eclipse



The eclipse is the shadow of the moon obscuring the light of the Sun on the Earth. Shadow elements of the blockage of the Sun (in late Leo – proud heart of love) is bringing forth its opposite hate, fear and violence to be released.

The god of war – Mars is also associated with action and leadership – on the high side and anger, violence and aggression on the low side. Mars is a (male) yang planet. Mars in Leo can be pushy and dynamic and is associated with the eclipse, part of the shadow.

The impulsive/ dark side violent energy of Mars in Charlottesville was fueled by Moon in Aries wildly impulsive prone to emotional outbursts.

The shadow of fear and hatred has come to light. One of the perpetrators has lost his job. Others are under investigation for their crimes.

The Illinois State Legislators have proposed a…

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This Week in Astrology – Solar Eclipse 2017


Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

The Solar Eclipse that happens August 21st, 2017 at 2:24 EST is a New Moon, in which the moon passes between the sun and Earth and blocks all or part of the sun for up to about three hours, from beginning to end, as viewed from a given location.  The Sun and the Moon will be conjunct at 28 degrees Leo, the second New Moon in the constellation in a row.  This Solar eclipse will be joined by the North Node and Mars not too far behind.  It will also be conjunct the Royal Star Regulus and trine Uranus, signifying major and abrupt changes.

Like any New Moon, the Solar Eclipse is a time for setting intentions…

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The American Solar Eclipse August 2017

Making Sense of Traditional Astrology

Solar Eclipse 2017

A powerful solar eclipse will be over the USA on August 21, 2017 at 2:30 pm eastern standard time. I cast the chart for Washington DC to observe the symbolical association and relevance for the overall country. The ruler of this eclipse is shown by the sign of Leo at 28.53 degrees, also the Sun cannot be seen as the ruler when it comes to eclipses. According to Traditional Rules for Judging Eclipses by Deborah Holding, the eclipse in Leo signifies:

“… death or misfortune for royalty, nobility and ‘persons of quality’; the ruination and destruction of ancient buildings, palaces and churches; division amongst the clergy, the besieging of towns, and a scarcity of horses and grain.”

The above quote should be interpreted figuratively. There is a likelihood of increased aggressiveness, damage to property, misfortune of people in powerful positions, significant protest, agricultural and economic issues.

According to William Lilly…

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About The Upcoming Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017

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Get the Most out of the Upcoming Eclipse

Celestial eclipses have always generated a lot of interest over the course of history. There are a lot of ideas about how an eclipse might affect the human body and mind. At the very least, it is quite noticeable and we become acutely aware of our environment for a brief time.

A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017. The event has been described as the “Great American Eclipse” as it will be visible in totality only within a band across the entire contiguous United States.

The so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. People who find themselves in this “path of totality” for the big event are in for an unforgettable experience.

According to yoga and…

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Total Solar Eclipse – Planetary Weather of August – Why Donald Trump Is The Man So Many Love To Hate by Magi Bette

Julie M Perkins (aka Monavie Voight)

Magi Bette talks to us about the upcoming Solar Eclipse, the remaining (and important!) Heartbreak Transit that comes to a head on August 8th and what this means. She discusses other important planetary events that are part of August and explains why so many people love to hate Donald Trump.

Total Solar Eclipse – Planetary Weather of August – Why Donald Trump Is The Man So Many Love To Hate

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August 21 Solar Eclipse in Predictive Astrology


Picture P72“But Ghosts do not exist…” –Mr. Film Director said to Mr. Russian President. “Do you really think so? – Mr. Russian President asked him and… disappeared(the shortest film in the world)

First, I would like to note that from the astrological point of view the nearest six-month period is of enormous importance for Mr. Russian President since he appeared to this world as the first person of Russia during the previous 1N Solar Eclipse. According to my astrological experience, there can be such kind of phenomenon in the Saros series as… I would say… “the interception of an event”. It means that if an event is sufficiently extended in time, it is somehow connected with that series of Eclipse which coincides, and next Eclipse of the same series often gives a new impulse to this event.

Well, Mr. Russian President was amazing us during the whole Saros cycle long. I…

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“What the Heck is Going on with the World?” The Total Solar Eclipse and Other Transits you Should Know About for the Years 2017-2020


downloadI don’t blog much and when I finally do, it is usually about some potentially nasty transit that I want to warn my friends and clients about, just in case it manifests.  So at the risk of sounding like Sybil Trelawney (“Harry Potter, you are in grave danger!”) today I am posting yet again about a potentially tough transit.  I do this not because I revel in nasty transits and enjoy scaring people but because I have been getting a lot of questions lately about “What the heck is going on with the world right now??”  This article is my response.  And if you don’t know much about astrology, this article is especially for you.  

Some of the forecasts sound kind of dire, some of the others not so much. Some may manifest, some may not.  Oh well.  But if you read this article, then at least you…

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