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Foreign Talent

Another face of culture clash. Interesting.


You are working just nicely in your company, probably made up of mostly local colleagues that share your interests and once in a while, you’ll hang out with them in a pub across the road especially on Fridays when everyone wind down and bitch about work or talk about the upcoming games over beer.
Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.19.37 amSuddenly out of nowhere, your boss introduce the new kid in town, literally a new kid in town called Jane. And Jane is not from your country, in fact, this might be her first time in the country and your boss says she is now working in the office as part of the management team. She is what we called the foreign talent. She filled up a seat that most of the senior staff have been eyeing for months ever since the good old Heath retired. She doesn’t hang out with you all for a beer…

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